12 Products Offered by Vape Shops

12 Products Offered by Vape Shops featured image

It goes without saying that vaping is a lot more than a craze that swept the world. It’s probably one of the safest ways devised in history to get nicotine into the system, giving you the same benefits people have received for centuries from smoking, without all of the risks involved. It’s cleaner, safer, and there is a lot more variety of people have in terms of options for their vape products.

Though a lot of people new to vaping might be considering picking it up, they’re not entirely sure what they’re going to find in vape shops. Many think you’ll only find the same sorts of options that smokers find with basic cigarettes. However, the world of vaping is vast and varied. Here are just a dozen of the products you can find for starters.

A Variety of Vape Products You Can Find

A Variety of E-Juice

From peach and fruity mango flavors to basic menthol or natural to a variety of salt nicotine e-liquids, the amount of e-juice you can find at shops these days is incredible. You can think of any random flavor combo you’d like to try and likely find that product available. And there are dozens of new products rolling out every month to try.

Vape Pens/Devices

Of course, no one can enjoy vaping with a delivery device. Choosing quality vape shops means you’ll find a wide variety of different vape pens from which you can choose. You can find these pens in different strengths, various sizes, and even mixed colors and shapes. The idea here is that you can customize your experience entirely.

Complete Pod Systems

A considerable update from pens, pods have bigger tanks that hold more e-juice and allow you to vape more of those flavors that you love. They’re also very compact and a lot more reliable, correcting some of the issues found in earlier versions of the basic pen. Pods also come in a lot of different sizes and an endless stream of cool designs.

Vaping Kits

The great thing about finding entire kits is that you don’t have to piece things together. You get the pod (or pen), juice, a cleaning kit, and everything else you need to hit the ground running. Piecing things together is fun for people, but usually when they’re pros at vaping. When just starting, everyone could use a complete kit.

Vape Modifications

There are two types of mods, regulated and unregulated. These mods help you improve your experience by doing things like offering more power for your device, giving you a more massive puff of vape. You can make things burn hotter with better coils. Mods do so much, and the right shop will turn you on to a ton of different mods for your vape devices.


Tanks are what holds the e-juice for your pods. Now, of course, a lot of people want bigger containers to hold more juice! And these are indeed available at quality shops. However, a lot of people also want personal, custom tanks, and tanks that have cool designs and just look awesome. You will also find a ton of after-market designer tanks to really stand out with your device.

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The atomizer in a vape device is, essentially, what’s transforming that liquid into that big puff of tasty, nicotine-laden “smoke” that you inhale. It’s actually just the equivalent of steam, vaporized liquid (hence “vape”). You can find replacements, or you can go for stronger atomizers.


It’s the same thing with coils. This item is what provides the heat source, coming from the battery and heating up for the atomizer. Do you want more durable coils that burn hotter? Maybe you just need a replacement. Either way, this is something you can find at a quality shop.

Vape Glass

The glass of a pod is a cool feature that’s essentially like the body of the device. Like most everything else on the list, you can simply get a replacement, or you can size up and go bigger, or go a bit designer to make things entirely custom.

Complete Toolkits

How are you going to put everything together if you buy it piece by piece, get mods, etc.? Well, you certainly don’t have to worry about that either. A quality shop sells complete tool kits so that you can construct your customized vaping devices personally.

Vape Residue Cleaner

Shops are even selling vape cleaner! If you vape in your car, or your home, and your windows get covered with a bit of residue, you can use a vape window clear that was explicitly designed to clean that mess up.

There are tons of different products and accessories. Chargers, batteries and much more wouldn’t even fit on the list. The point is that if you need something for your vaping experience, you can find it with a quality shop.