5 Best Housewarming Gifts for Your Vape-Enthusiast Friend

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Vape enthusiasts aren’t a very subtle lot. They walk around with vapes in their pockets and blow large columns of smoke everywhere they go. Most people find it cool and very interesting to walk around with a smoke machine that fits in your pocket. It wouldn’t be a surprise if one of your friends was a vape enthusiast too. Let’s just suppose one day he were to shift into a new house. Being a good friend you would want to make a meaningful gift for him. It would definitely be something related to vaping but what would it be? Let’s lay down some of the best choices for such a situation.

A brand new vape

Not the most clever idea when it comes to deciding on a gift for this friend but then this might just be what your friend needs the most. If the friend is an avid vaper then he/she would love to have a brand new vape. You should take out enough time to understand the person’s likes and dislikes. You should probably know about your favorite color too. Make sure the vape that you gift is better than the one the friend already has. No one would be interested in using a lower-quality vape once accustomed to higher standards.

Vape mod with speaker

You can call it a new trend or simply an interesting product. Vape mods are a bit different than vapes. They probably produce more smoke and enhanced flavors when compared to vapes. A new add-on to mods is a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your phone. Seeing the relation between music and smoking, this is a very clever new modification to vapes and mods alike. Gifting this to your friend as a housewarming gift could surely make his day.


A friend who has a vape that he uses almost all the time is surely going to keep running out of juice for the smoke. Vapes mostly function by vaporizing various types of fluids that come in cartridges or refills. Any avid smoker would see these cartridges as a highly valuable commodity. It is frustrating when one runs out of these cartridges and has to wait to get a new batch. Gifting an assortment of various carts is a perfect idea for a housewarming present. You can go through various interesting flavors at original fake carts to select the best ones for your friend. Giving your friend many options to select from every day means he/she would probably thank you every day for such a useful gift.


Subscriptions are probably the most valuable thing for a smoker. A subscription ensures a regular supply of your friend’s favorite juice for vapes. It might cost you a little more money than the other things on the list but then there aren’t too many gifts that would hold more value than this.

Deciding on a housewarming gift for your friend who vapes can become very hard even when the choices are limited. You would want to put a lot of thought and make sure you get it right. If you get too caught up in this, simply look to this article and choose the best gift out of them.