5 Best Practices of Kratom Consumption

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A person is always in a dilemma about what treatment one can adopt, Allopathic or Homeopathy or Organic/Herbal treatment. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has again fetched the debate between various courses. All of them do the same job, to eradicate the root cause of the disease. But, people have different choices and different patience. The time of courses can vary among these treatments. Every person responds diversely to various medicines and treatments. This individuality of the symptoms and reactions comes with the distinction within the remedy prescribed to everyone. No treatment is ideal for everybody, and researches show that each of these medical approaches operates along to seek out different cures for various folks while additionally preventing symptoms.

Homeopathy is in demand by users who already have some ailment and don’t want any new problems or side effects in the future but has a disadvantage that it takes way longer for any condition to cure.

And allopathic treatment(also known as modern medicine) treats problems with drugs that are opposite to the problem. For example, for constipation, a laxative can help the patient.

Lastly, Herbal/Organic treatments are more into recovery or healing the selective body part without any side effects. People consider them completely safe as it does not react another way to the body.

The ultra-modern world is returning to naturopathy(unprocessed foods for longevity and healthiness). Now green horn Kratom comes into the discussion as an Organic product in the medicinal industry. Evidence found that we have used these products as raw leaves, in tea, in liquid form, and sometimes in their food since ancient times.

In this blog, we will discuss in brief What Kratom is and what are the best practices to consume them.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant-based compound found in Thailand, Malaysia, and other southeast Asian countries. It is present on the leaves of a plant. It is generally more than 10 meters long and requires at least five to eight hours daily. Mitragyna speciosa is the plant. The leaves contain Psychoactive compounds that induce dizziness and trance-like feelings among consumers. It belongs to the coffee family in plant species. If a user takes it in small doses, it can deliver coffee-like soft stimulation and create alertness. And, in large doses can show effects like that of opioid drugs.

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The two alkaloids present in the Kratom leaves are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG). Both alkaloids bond and partly stew the mu-opioid receptor, producing painkilling and anxiolytic effects. Other benefits Kratom can provide are -:

  • Decreases Stress
  • Mood booster
  • Increases energy
  • Pain relief
  • Increases Sleep
  • Healthy lifestyle.

The administration is increasing the acceptance and governance of Kratom-based products. They are available in the United States, and with online sales, the market is growing/expanding like anything. More than forty states of the country have given legal status to the production & distribution of Kratom, and some states are on their end-stage of making it legal. Being an organic product with more than a billion-dollar market, the government is working on its research and governance very efficiently.

Five Best Practices Of Kratom Consumption

Consumers are utilizing Kratom-based traditional medicine in these ways -:

  • chewing fresh leaves,
  • brewing a tea from leaves,
  • as a substitute for opium,
  • consuming capsules with powder extract,
  • by mixing the powder in beverages.

The best practices of kratom consumption are -:

  • Consume Only Quality Kratom

It is necessary to pick trustworthy suppliers to confirm you get quality capsules. Kratom capsules will contain mind-expanding components and alternative contaminants because the market is unregulated. Reports suggest that when bad quality Kratom gets in the body, it may result in diet changes, constipation, insomnia, hallucinations, etc. In bad-quality products, manufacturers sometimes add gelatin, so always check the ingredients written on the product. The shopkeeper must be an active member of the American Kratom Association. Hence, as a responsible customer, one must always check the above-discussed features to ensure the quality of the product before buying it.

  • Consume In Small Quantity At The Start

If you are a beginner, you can start with standard capsules that contain less than a gram of Kratom powder each. As a member of coffee plant species, it can show effects like increased alertness, neuro levels activity, and confidence. While some users don’t want to play safe and their motive is different from others. People with chronic pains or addiction to opioid drugs consume a good amount of Kratom to calm them.

It has effects like that of Opium & Marijuana, so people who use Herbal plants or organic products for euphoric purposes also use Kratom in small and fixed dosages.

  • Always Consult A Medical Expert Before Starting Kratom

It is becoming increasingly popular in the medicinal industry because of being a substitute for withdrawal from opioid addiction. Drugs like methadone can help in treating opioid withdrawal symptoms. But, they require advice from consultants or doctors and dealing with the insurance companies. Therefore, to avoid some expenses and labor, consumers often take dosages without advice or prescriptions that can lead to addiction, emotional changes, jerky movement of limbs in the long run.

Another reason is that it is still in the pre-mature stages of study and evaluation, so it is suggested not to take it without consultation.

  • Kratom Edibles

It can now be infused with edible goods and can take many forms. It means any food that you can cook or prepare can absorb Kratom now. For example, milkshakes, chocolates, cookies, shots, etc.

The only drawback Kratom had was its bitter taste. It is a (naturalistic) plant-based substance made using parched leaves, so it was apparent to taste bad. However, that problem has vanished with kratom-edibles, and you can modify your dose to match your taste.

  • Kratom Beverages

As we said in the previous point, it has an unpleasant taste because of its earthy nature. So people find out one more way other than edibles, by brewing the kratom powder in cocktails. Kratom consists of three veins, namely, white, green, and red veins. The red vein helps embrace the drink flavor, and the white vein helps boost the energy.

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We can mix it with these drinks -:

  • Citrus fruits like orange juice.
  • Coffee.
  • Tea.
  • Chocolates.

The proper way to make a beverage is by mixing Kratom into something hot and then merging the mixture with something cold. We can use this method to make our morning tea or pre-workout coffee. One stunning fact is that both mix beautifully. Teenagers can also take it by mixing it with chocolate, as in chocolate milk.


With the Covid-19, new waves and variants do not seem to stop anytime soon. Studies indicate a boost in patients having stress, anxiety, mental and physical illness cases. Everyone understood the importance of a healthy immune system and a healthy lifestyle. It also helped in the growing market of Kratom as everyone was trying to find alternatives for allopathic drugs.