7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Weed Delivery Services in Vancouver

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Weed Delivery Services in Vancouver image

Canada legalized cannabis for medicinal use in 2001. However, it was only until August 2018 that the government permitted the recreational use of cannabis products.

Before 2018, brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensaries and their budtenders were the epitome of service in the cannabis industry. However, the law barred them from making doorstep deliveries.

After 2018, cannabis consumers started demanding the same convenience from cannabis shops that they get from other retailers. Cities like Ontario and Manitoba were swift in setting up frameworks for doorstep cannabis delivery; Vancouver is now catching up. Below are reasons to try weed doorstep delivery in Vancouver.

1. Same-Day Delivery

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Weed delivery Vancouver has grown past the marijuana by mail order service provided by the government-run British Columbia Cannabis warehouse. Cannabis shipments handled by the B.C. province-run warehouse took up to several days to get to their customers.

Most cannabis consumers buy cannabis products for immediate use, so timeliness is a factor when buying weed. Rather than waiting for days, consumers opted to go to the nearest weed dispensary, which may not be close to home. The commute was especially difficult for consumers who needed weed for pain management and other health-related issues.

Fast forward to 2021, and weed consumers all over Vancouver can enjoy the convenience of timely and reliable same-day product delivery. Weed delivery services in Vancouver deliver within the hour and even issue order number tracking codes to consumers.

You do not have to abandon your schedule for days because you are waiting for a package.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Vancouver weed delivery services go out of their way to make the online shopping experience as personal as possible. Most of them encourage customers to call in with questions, queries, or consultations they may have before making a purchase. Their end goal is to recreate the budtender experience online.

Budtenders have a deep understanding of each product in every category; they are why consumers go to brick-and-mortar weed dispensaries. Having a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on standby allows weed delivery services in Vancouver to cater to both cannabis novices and connoisseurs.

3. Reasonably Priced Top Quality Products

Licensed weed dispensaries avail high-quality products at competitive prices. They stock hundreds of top-grade weed strains and other cannabis products by top cannabis brands.

You can shop for AAA weed, concentrates, edibles, buds, CBD, magic mushrooms, vapes, among other products. Regardless of your preference and your level of experience with marijuana, they will deliver something that meets your needs to your doorstep.

However, some customers prefer the sensory experience of buying cannabis products from a cannabis dispensary. You can replicate that sensory experience by scanning through other buyer reviews and tapping into their insight on various products.

Only buyers with verified purchases can review the products they bought; no fraud reviewers allowed.

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4. Discretion

The progressive move by the government to legalize the recreational use of marijuana was not a unanimous decision. There are still many people who hold on to conservative views on marijuana consumption.

Cannabis consumers who live, work, or socialize in conservative circles may face stigma when going to cannabis dispensaries. Most cannabis consumers want to have a good time and enjoy the benefits of cannabis without all the nasty politics.

Weed service deliveries allow them the discretion to live their truth without unnecessary scrutiny and consequences like discrimination

5. Free Shipping

Most weed delivery services in Vancouver offer free shipping based on a few terms and conditions. For instance, you get free shipping with every purchase worth above a specific amount.

Freight fees are often quite expensive and eat into bargains made during online purchases. Free shipping adds convenience to online shopping. Consumers for whom it makes more sense to go to a weed dispensary than to pay hefty delivery fees can take advantage of free shipping.

6. First Order Discounts

Most weed delivery services in Vancouver offer a discount of up to 10% on every first order. They post coupons and promotion codes that you can use during checkout to accrue the discount.

Couple the first order discount with free shipping, and you might have enough left on your budget to buy an additional product.

7. Promotions and Complimentary Gifts with Orders

You always get more with weed delivery services in Vancouver. For instance, you can get customer appreciation gifts along with your order.

Sample gifts allow you to refine your weed palate by trying new products without paying extra. It also allows you to save money if the gifted item was among your planned purchases.

Weed delivery Vancouver also offers weekly promotions on the best-performing products. The promotional activities feature a fresh set of rules each week, so you need to keep abreast of the rules to participate. You may stand a chance to win your favorite product from a coveted cannabis brand.


Weed delivery is now mainstream in Vancouver, allowing you to have your favorite cannabis fix right at your doorstep with minimal cost and effort. It is high time cannabis consumers who love convenience stepped away from illicit dealers and tried legit delivery services.

If you love the delivery service, take a moment to write a review and enlighten others on your experience.