A Beginner’s Guide To Getting The Best Flavors With Vaping

bottle of e-juice in the hand of a vaper

If you are a seasoned vaper, you will understand the difference between cloud-chasing and flavor-chasing. Massive clouds do make a great impression, but flavor determines the actual value you get from your sessions. Not surprisingly, most consumers want to derive the best flavor hits.

But it is easier said than done because small things matter, right from the choice of your product to the way you vape. At some point, the regular product you always use ceases to deliver to your expectations. It is best to get your facts clear as a beginner so that you get better down the line. Here are some tips to max on your flavors with vaping.

Pick the right product

Some strains of cannabis are more flavorful than others, and it determines the kind of experience you get. Everything boils down to the terpenes in the strain as these compounds give the herb its distinctive taste.

It may take some hit and trial to pick the right product and strain, but the effort is worthwhile. You can consider switching to other products and strains to try something different down the line.

Find the right temperature settings

Rich-tasting vapes are also about finding the right temperature settings. Avoid heating your herb or liquid too much and too fast if you want to enjoy your session.

Opting for devices like DynaVap is a good idea as they offer wattage and temperature control. Try adjusting the level of heat until you reach your sweet spot. As a beginner, you can record the temperature levels to get a fair idea of what really works for you.

Change your coil

If you feel that the usual taste of your vape is missing, it may be the right time to change the coil. Regular vapers may need to change their coil and wick weekly, while occasional users can manage it with a monthly routine.

A spent coil delivers a dry taste, and it may be nothing near your flavor expectations. Using different coil materials is a good option as stainless steel, titanium, and nickel can add subtle hints to the experience.

Clean your kit often

A clogged device tends to affect the flavors and aromas as expected. Moreover, failing to clean your vape kit often can cut down its lifespan. Invest time and effort in cleaning your coil, wick, or tank if you want to go the extra mile with the taste and effects. The good thing is that cleaning your device and accessories is easier than you imagine. Just disassembling your kit and rinsing the glass part in warm water is enough. You can let it air dry or use a clean towel to wipe it.

Store your stash properly

Surprisingly, vaping flavors do not only depend on your product and devices. It is also about following the basic cannabis storage rules properly. Explore to heat and light can compromise the integrity of the product and the quality of experiences it delivers. Store your stash in air-tight jars, away from heat and light. The same applies to vape liquids and concentrates.

Finally, give attention to your vaping skills and techniques. Drinking water before your sessions also helps as your tastebuds perform better. Take regular breaks or switch up products to prevent vaper’s tongue.