A Complete Guide To Taking A Weed Tolerance Break

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If you are a regular weed user, you will probably notice that the effects wane over a prolonged period. You need larger doses to get the kind of effect that you initially did during the early days.

It makes sense to take a break from using cannabis so that you can reset your tolerance levels. It is something that users across the U.S. often do.

After the break, you can expect to get higher off with smaller doses. It can save you a great deal of money and also ensure optimal consumption. But a tolerance break can be overwhelming for a first-timer as you may not understand how to do it and what to expect. Here is a complete guide that can help.

Set a goal date

A cannabis tolerance break is a time-bound concept, so setting a goal date is crucial. Typically, users do it for 3-7 days, though you can extend it further for a complete cleanse. You may not quit completely if that sounds too hard but can extend the gaps between sessions initially.

Cannabis works differently for everyone, so you expect different levels of high with different doses. The same applies when taking a break and you should be prepared to set your goals.

Seek guidance

If you are taking your first cannabis tolerance break, you can seek guidance from someone who often does it. They can give you first-hand insights about what to expect from the experience. Alternatively, you can talk to a seasoned budtender for advice.

Experts at Dispensaries in MA will have some valuable inputs, from setting goals to reducing dosage and handling the implications of the break. They can also motivate you to stay strong through the journey and come back fresh and clean.

Avoid temptations

When it comes to taking a tolerance break, the biggest challenge is to do it till the end. The best piece of advice is to avoid temptations by storing your weed and tools out of sight. A little effort will help you achieve a lot, and you will be much better off with the experience once you start using cannabis again.

Keeping yourself busy and engaged is important, so indulge in activities you enjoy. Go out with friends and interact with people who are going through the same. It will make things a tad easier!

Invest in self-care

Although weed tolerance is good for your system, the immediate impact is often tough on your body and mind. Investing in self-care can help you cope up. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is vital as it helps in cleansing the body and clearing the toxins. Exercise and meditation strengthen your body and mind. You can go the extra mile by taking spa therapy.

A weed tolerance break can do wonders for your body, particularly if you expect better experiences with smaller doses of cannabis. Just listen to your body and understand when you need to go off and how long you should do it to reset your system.