A Smart & Convenient Way to Clean Stylish Glass Pipes

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Ask a weed lover the true value of a glass pipe designed in a unique & enticing pattern with lustrous colors. These may demand some extra-care but won’t make you regret buying them.

What is a glass pipe?

When talking about glass pipes, people often relate it to hardware items used for construction work. But here, we are discussing a different type of glass pipe. Often referred to as hand pipe or chillum, it is a tube-like product used for consuming tobacco, cannabis or any other form of the vaping element. This lightweight pipe is highly portable, lightweight and convenient. Glass pipe is available in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. It’s more like a vaping equipment that eliminates the heat transfer possibilities to your hands while giving you a soothing experience.

To avoid a blend of flavors over time, make sure to clean it thoroughly after constant usage.

Cleaning hack –

Let’s start with the ingredients or material required to clean a glass pipe.

  1. 99% of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  2. Sealed plastic bag
  3. Dish soap
  4. Epsom salt

Detailed steps to clean the glass pipes –

Step 1 – Keep the pipe in a clean plastic bag & pour alcohol – Use a clear plastic bag with a sealable lock. Pour sufficient amounts of rubbing alcohol and let the glass pipe submerge in the same. Keep it aside for at least 2-3 hours for the best results.

Step 2 – Add salt – Here, either use Epsom salt or regular table salt. Both work best. Salt works as the natural scrubber on resin and helps cleaning the pipe from every nook and corner. If you soak the pipe in salt water, you would need not clean it thoroughly as the salt will be doing it all for you.

Step 3 – Let it rest – In the worse cases, the cleaning process takes up to 12 hours. So, have patience and let the glass pipe rest for a while. Leaving it untouched for long hours will give alcohol enough time to dissolve the unwanted resin. To cut this hassle, people often go for glass pipes with simpler structure. You can find out a line of glass pipes here https://fatbuddhaglass.com/collections/pipes. These glass pipes or weed pipes are plush, and come in a variety of color, types, and shapes to suit your unique needs. As made up of quality glass, it won’t break or damage easily.

Step 4 – Before you take out the glass pipe, make sure to shake the bag well to let resin loosen and shed residue.

Step 5 – Remove pipe – After 12 hours of soaking, it’s a good time to take out the pipe and wash thoroughly. To preserve its shine, prefer cleaning it with lukewarm water and dish soap. If you still find resin residue left on the pipe, use a paperclip. This will help you avoid damaging the pipe.

Step 6 – Let it dry – Let the pipe dry completely for an hour or two.

Quick tip – The glass pipe manual contains the specific cleaning instructions.

Conclusion –

Glass pipes are a stylish, unique and exceptionally innovative product for stoners who love being in style. These are made up of durable material which makes it an ideal product for rough usage. If you keep it well-maintained and clean it regularly, these glass pipes are best to enjoy flavored smoke forever.