Best CBD oil tinctures available on the internet

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CBD or Cannabidiol is now considered safe for use and is being widely used everywhere in the world today. As the demand increases for this magical compound more and more companies are now coming up with their own form of CBD tinctures. The choices one has in the market are simply skyrocketing. To make things easier we have prepared a list of some of the best CBD tinctures available to us on the internet. Let’s go through them with a little detail about each one of them.

Pura Vida’s Daybreak Honey Oil Drops

Pura Vida is a very well-known award-winning Cannabis brand that has been in the game for a while. Its Daybreak honey drops oils are made with super precision. It contains 600 mg of THC and has a strong Sativa base. Containing Organic MCT coconut oil it has taste notes that are sweet and spicy with a subtle citrus finish. It is mostly advised to those people who need an energy boost in the middle of their day.

Lazarus Tincture

The process to make this tincture involves using ethanol to extract the CBD from hemp. This process helps preserve some beneficial terpenes found in CBD like beta-caryophyllene and humulene that help prevent cancer according to studies. Apart from this, the user can also experience the pain-relieving properties of this tincture. Its CBD potency is limited to 750 milligrams per 15-milliliter.

Redecan’s Reign Drops

Redican’s golden-colored tincture is composed of 15 mg/ml of THC, 15 mg/ml and a greenhouse-grown blend of cannabis. It is used for manufacture through a state-of-the-art ethanol extraction process and diluted to the optimal concentration. Its availability is not a challenge as one can click here or can simply go online to purchase this bottle of wonder. Like others, it confidently claims to give the user a refreshing feeling and a boost of energy.


For a smoke-free and fruity experience, one should go for this tincture. All-natural compounds and methods are used to manufacture this tincture. Emerald Health has its facility in British Columbia where they grow their own flowers and the extraction process involves only their own natural flowers for their high-grade oil. The doses are carefully measured and bottled for the best possible experience without any misconceptions. With a THC content of 504mg to 600mg, this tincture is a strong Indica base.

Hemplixir by Purefarma

Purefarma is known for its extraction activities which usually indulge in manufacturing medicinal-grade cannabis for pharmaceutical, recreational and cosmeceutical needs. They use high-grade machinery for precision extraction of oil for the tinctures which results in some truly remarkable products. The Hemplixir contains earthly notes and subtle spicy flavors. Users describe the experience as refreshing and eye-opening. There is no psychoactive compound in this tincture but it can surely tickle your senses.

CBD is best used once one understands his/her own body. After understanding some needs that one would want from CBD, going through this list to pick a favorite would be a good idea. Doing so will guide you towards the best buy suited according to your personal needs.