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Best Hookah Pens in 2022

What is an e-hookah? Another vape pen or an entirely different device? We’ll brief you on what makes it stand out from the other vapes and a traditional hookah but to start with follow the 3D formula to decide if a hookah is your thing.

3D stands for the three central expectations you may have about the e-hookah and if they aren’t what you want, read no more.

The Worlds first, real portable electronic hookah. The Square E-Head connects to the top of your traditional Hookah, making your existing Hookah smoke free. That means no hot coals, no tobacco, no mess, and no smoke! The Square E-Head is ideal for bars, hookah lounges, parties, and for in home use. The E-Head is rechargeable, and the vaporizer can be removed and refilled with your favorite eliquid. The Square E-Head is the perfect alternative to traditional hookah smoking.

Square E-Head Description:
1 Rechargeable Square E-Head unit
2 8.0ml Tanks
1 Wall Charger
1 User Manual

  • Ready to use, no setup required
  • Up to 1600 puffs
  • Auto Power Off
  • No Tar, No Ash, No Fire
  • Contains 5% Salt Nic
  • Available in 10 flavors

The Puff XXL 1600 Vape Bar is a unit that is ready to use and requires no setup. You get a great smooth flavor with delicious flavors. The disposable vape pen lasts up to 800 puffs and has an auto power shutoff feature. It is the size of a pen and is very travel friendly. Puff XXL is 5% Salt Nicotine.


2000+ puffs per pod, approximately equivalent to 80 cigarettes
Soft Nossel
Disposable pod device requires no maintenance, charging or refilling
E-liquid: 6.5ml Salt Nic E-liquid per Air Bar MAX Disposable
Battery: 1250mAh
Pre-charged, Simply puff/pull on the device to activate
Pre-filled, no need for messy refills
Salt Nicotine 5%, 50MG Salt Nic inside for an accurate cigarette-style throat hit

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2.7mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Approximately 1000 puffs

Heylo is a premium disposable that is single-use and plant powered. Made with vegan formulas and real ingredients. Inspired by nature, that’s it. It is a 0% nicotine and 10% guarana plant combination. Guarana is known to give energy.

Deep in the Amazon rainforest on a plant of large leaves and white flowers, you will find the Guarana (Paullinia cupana, Brazilian cocoa) seed. Named after the Amazonian Guarani tribe, the plant finds its origins in the green forests of Brazil. According to Brazilian mythology, the first Guarana plant was grown by a king who planted the eye of a child villager.

The Guarana seed is powerful and has a multitude of uses, the most common being a coffee substitute. What many don’t know is that Guarana is a natural nootropic, it can be used topically and works wonders also as an anti-aging serum! While further research is still needed, identified other potential benefits include: antidepressant effects, cardiovascular support, libido enhancement, neuro-protection, longevity promotion and weight loss. Guarana contains caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, tannins, and flavonoids. Scientists believe that the synergistic interactions of these and other compounds are what makes guarana’s effects incredible.

3D: Design. Destination. Delight.

Regarding design, the ergonomic size is not a benefit. Traditional hookahs are enormous, and if the electronic version is called to substitute them, you don’t need a box-of-matches size. Hookah vape pens are bigger than usual vape pens and are perfect for party-lions.

An electronic hookah is a tool for relaxation in the company of friends or alone, and its destination is to replace the harmful tobacco hookahs on this playground. It answers many questions, like who would buy e-hookah pens and why.

It is an accessory to enhance the relaxing atmosphere at your parties and to have the highest point of delight.

That is the last, but not the least element of our formula, as with e-hookahs you pamper your taste buds, not nicotine receptors. Most of the makers provide a vast array of hookah flavors and try to exclude harmful or addictive substances from the contents.

So, if you aren’t looking for a sturdy device for profound relaxation with friends or alone, hookah is not your thing. In the opposite case let’s go deeper.

Six things you should know about electronic hookahs

Hookah vs. vape. Many hookahs are the same as other vapes. Still, there are some that differ. The main difference is the size as the hookah are traditionally bigger, thought operating on the same principle as conventional vape pens, that is heating and vaping e-liquid from the tanks. Besides size, some makers experimented on design and provided units with a hookah hose. That one is for quitters not wishing to sacrifice the traditional aesthetics of the hookah-smoking process. A bubbling sound supplied with some exemplars is another fun feature, not usual to vape pens, but so endearing to savvies. And if you are a diehard devotee looking for the closest resemblance to the traditional device, you’d love the e-hookah heads or bowls attachable to conventional hookah water-pipes.

Electronic hookahs have no nicotine. Or almost no nicotine. That’s another factor that makes them diverse. Instead, makers offer a variety of flavors. As the main idea was to substitute a harmful habit for a healthier one, the nicotine-free e-liquids also come without dangerous flavorings and additives. But, here’s the surprise. Nicotine-containing e-liquids spread the marker. Be careful reading the labels, as you may come across 6, 8, or even 24mg-contents of nicotine in e-liquids now. Still, many trademarks do stick to the traditional zero-nicotine receipt to sustain the safe reputation of hookah vapor.

E-hookah users are mad about fruit flavors. Like any other branch, the electronic hookah makers prepare a vast majority of such, not leaving behind the classic tobacco and menthol as well. As for the rest of the hookah pen flavors, they are worth digging in, as here you find the exquisite taste and excellent quality. Enjoy something like Strawberry Palette or Watermelon Dream as well as Blueberry Frost or Arctic Frost. They didn’t save on imagination.

You get clean vapor with minimum harm. It is so since the makers patent filtering technology and the variation of PG to VG ratios for every taste. Hookah pen flavors in a broad palette of fruit tastes are one of the traits to distinguish e-hookahs from conventional vape pens.

The traditional hookahs have a centuries-long history. The first records of hookahs come back to Safavid Dynasty, which ran Persia in the 16-18th century. The original name “hugga” stood for the piped instrument used with traditional tobacco. In later times the hookah smoking was criticized and almost banned due to nicotine toxicity and tar.

Disposable hookah pens are sometimes even more popular than rechargeable ones. First, it is because of the low price (the cheapest costs $4.99). Secondly, even between low price options, you can find the exemplars offering up to 1800 puffs per piece, which makes it a champion in comparison with the usual vape pens.

If you’ve made up your mind to buy an e-hookah, you might be interested in more details. Here are the five questions you will have when choosing a hookah.

What is the hookah build of?

Hookah Pens

The build of the e-hookah depends on the design. The significant part of the pen-style hookah carries a Li-ion battery, and the rest houses the clearomizer and the tank. Some trademarks put the LED indicator at the end of the device to indicate puffs. The operation is simple. When taking the draw, the airflow sensor sends a signal to the built-in microprocessor, which activates the atomizer.

The battery-powered atomizer heats the e-liquid. At the same moment, the system lights the indicator on the bottom of the hookah. Some of the e-hookah pens contain two tanks simultaneously, not only for extended vaping sessions but also for the ability to experiment with flavors. The mod-style hookahs operate on two batteries, providing for more powerful puffs and more extended sessions.

Hookah heads

The advanced vapers will love hookah heads, which are the electronic devices attachable to a conventional hookah water pipe intended to substitute tobacco charcoal. They follow the shape of a typical hookah head and operate on the same principle as other vapes.

Electronic hookah head fits on top of a pipe, filtering e-liquid vaporized through the water. It is perfect as a high-tech substitution of conventional hookahs for communal use at public events. Heads have two main benefits the connoisseurs will like. The original hookah vapes heat e-liquid and lets you inhale the warm vapor.

If paired with a traditional hookah device the hot vapor cools down as it passes through water and in the result, there comes a product able to please the adepts of cold clouds. With growing popularity proposal rises and already is quite a row of hookah heads to choose from. The only downside of this little bad-boy is the loss of vapor as it runs through the water.

Hookah bowls

You may have heard about the hookah e-bowls, quite large devices utilizing a couple of cartridges, and featuring colossal battery life, perfect to suffice the needs of a vaping tribe. In fact, those are the other name for e-hookah heads.

Hookah stones

Hookah stones is another time of the device, the simplest by the way. They are porous stones saturated with e-liquid and used in a conventional hookah tube.

How to use an e-hookah?

Electronic hookah pens are very simple in use, and all you have to do is to inhale through the mouthpiece to set the device to work. Take a few quick puffs as the coil gets hot and enjoy long deep draws for the highest level of satisfaction. If your device has a button, you have to press and hold it as you inhale.

The airflow control function lets you choose the mode you like, either it is a cigarette-like draw or open, airy puffs usual for hookahs. E-hookah heads are profound, but with a little trial and effort, you’ll be a professional.

Before you start vaping, make sure the tanks are full of e-liquid, and the coils are soaked enough to avoid combustion.

What is an e-hookah price?

The central message here is: everything depends on what you are looking for: an e-hookah pen or an e-bowl. Cheap disposable hookah vape pens come at a price of $10 each, while the rechargeable hookah pens are generally more expensive than vape pens.

The average cost reaches about $70 when an ordinary vape pen costs about $50. The highest cost for a favorite hookah can reach up to $150, and the lowest found is $4.99 for a disposable hookah pen.

What particulars do we have with e-hookah vapor?

Many hookahs use big tanks and sub-ohm coils. Therefore, hookahs can work well for chasing clouds, especially when paired with VG-liquids. There are good options of vapor hookahs even between disposable hookahs, and the level of harmful chemicals is quite low.

What should you know about e-hookah batteries?

The e-hookahs exploit Li-ion batteries in different capacities. Therefore they offer various durations of vaping sessions. The best options possible are the inbuilt batteries in capacities about 3000 mAh which would last you all day without recharges. The weaker versions offer disposable batteries lasting about 400 puffs. Still disposable doesn’t mean short in use, as variants are offering up to 1800 puffs.

Buying an electronic hookah pen or e-bowl, for the first time is quite a challenge since the makers have started the rat race in stuffing their hookahs with all the positive features possible. Since the product reviews on the websites will flood you with various specifications and figures, we would advise you to skip reading that all for the sake of your time. Instead, scan the texts for the following parameters:

Battery. In-built or disposable, or rechargeable and replaceable? There is a variety, each depending on the device style. The numbers you’d like to see will be 2000 mAh and more for inbuilt rechargeable ones. The best variant goes as high as 3000 mAh. The disposable 18650 cells go at the capacity of 200-400 mAh providing about 300-500 puffs. And still, you may find a jewel even in the cheapest category.

Pass-through charge. That’s an excellent quality to compensate for short battery life, but it’s of value only if you don’t have capacity batteries. Devices like Juul display this quality, but the battery is just enough for 200 puffs.

Tanks. The tank capacity differs. You’ll be happy to have them in at least 4, 6, 12 ml capacity, but even 1.2 ml tanks are excellent for portable e-hookahs. The more is better in this case. Some variants allow having two tanks at the same time to play with flavors.

Coils. Sub-ohm coils are widely available, and the best e-hookahs and e-shishas contain with them. You know what to search here: everything that starts with “0”. The best numbers to meet are 0.15 – 0.25. Those will produce the best vapor especially when paired with high tank capacity.

Nicotine level. By default, it should be zero. In reality, it is not. The good news is that many makers let you have a palette of flavors, in which one part is nicotine-containing flavors, while the other one goes nicotine-free. They can keep it substantially low, like 1.5 mg/ml, or go up as high as 24 mg/ml. If you are a quitter, some of the nicotine will even do you a favor.

Add-ons. These may be different and ease your life as a vaper. Extra tanks, extra coils, and extra e-liquid bottles are never a bad thing.

E-liquid ingredients. The great PG to VG ratios is available. They may or may not contain nicotine, and you should pay attention to that.

The more is better

That’s the general rule, to sum up, the info written above. Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your electronic hookah and its style, pick up the best characteristics for battery, coils, tank, and e-liquid. The good news is that you may have a great option in all the hookah types, either it is the cheapest disposable hookah pen or a digital copy of a traditional hookah bowl.

Don’t be tricked into buying another vape-pen instead of hookah, as you should get the right amount of high-quality vapor after all. To make your choice fun we’d like to provide you with our pick-up of the best hookahs pens available on the market.

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