Can You Mix Vape Juice Brands, Strengths, and Flavors?

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One of the most exciting things about vaping is the sense of experimentation and alchemy that runs through the community.

You see people making their own e-liquids, creating custom mods, posting their findings on forums, and more. Vaping is a great hobby for those with a taste for adventure.

Adventurous people like to try new things, so it’s no surprise that you’ll commonly hear people asking (in vape shops or on forums) if they can mix e-liquids. The short answer is: yes, you can! The long answer is yes, you can, and it’s a lot of fun, but there are a number of things that you should consider before doing it.

Savor the Flavor

When I was a young kid, my buddy and I decided to mix chocolate milk syrup and strawberry milk syrup together, in a drink we dubbed ChocoBerry MAX.

The urge to mix delicious flavors has stuck with me, and many vape aficionadas share that same feeling.

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The biggest motivation for most people to mix juices is to create their own flavors. You might have a cinnamon flavor and an apple flavor, and realize they could go together in an apple cinnamon/apple pie combo.

You might have a vanilla flavor and a coffee flavor and decide to mix them into a French Vanilla Coffee style treat. You might have more unconventional tastes and opt for some kind of mint/berry combo. 

You can think of mixing flavors in much the same way you would think of mixing spices or flavors in foods. When your juice already has a complex, bold flavor profile, you probably don’t want to mix it with another complex, bold flavor.

The more flavors there are in each juice, the more likely they are to clash. You might want to opt for one stronger flavor mixed with a subtle flavor to enhance the experience.

… Or you might throw that advice out the window and do whatever you want. That’s the joy of mixing flavors – it’s all up to your tastes and preferences.

Nailing Nicotine Levels

Another advantage of mixing e-liquids is that you can customize the amount of nicotine you’re consuming. Let’s say you’ve got one juice with 6 mg of nicotine, and another with 0 mg.

Mix the two together at a 50/50 ratio, and you should end up with around 3 mg of nicotine in your juice. This great news for vapers who want nicotine levels that aren’t available in over-the-counter juices.

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Now, you can mix salt nic and salt nic, and you can mix freebase and freebase, but should you mix freebase and salt nic? The answer isn’t obvious.

You certainly can mix the two, but freebase and salt nicotine are vaped at different wattages. As a result, you might find the experience less satisfying. That said, there’s no real harm in trying to mix the two. You might find you like it.

Another tricky thing about mixing salt and freebase is that it’s difficult to tell how much nicotine you’ll actually be absorbing. There’s a lot of chemistry that goes into this (there’s an excellent Quora answer that breaks down the science), so be cautious during your experimentation. We’ll go over a couple of tips in the final section of this mixing guide.

The Right Consistency

Mixing juices can also allow you to customize your clouds by creating variations in VG/PG ratio. Depending on your tastes, this can be a great thing, or one of the downsides of mixing.

A lot of people are pretty picky about their VG/PG ratio, and for them, mixing different ratios can lead to a less satisfying experience. Other vapers are always looking for the perfect VG/PG formulation – for them, mixing things up is a great idea.

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Higher VG tends to mean softer hits and bigger clouds, while higher PG can be sharper, stealthier, and a bit more flavorful. Working with different formulations to find your perfect hit can be an eye-opening experience.

Some Final Quick Tips

  • Start with two juices. You might end up mixing 3, 4, 5, even 10 juices together – whatever works for you. As mentioned above, however, the more juices you mix, the more conflicting flavors you might end up with. You’re experimenting, so don’t just dump everything together at once – work your way up.
  • Our friends at Cold Turkey Vape Shop recommend you start by mixing small amounts. You might think you’d like a flavor combo, but if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted you’ll be disappointed to have wasted a bunch of juice. 
  • Measure carefully. When you’re trying to go for a particular ratio, be it 50/50, 25/75, or anything else, guesswork won’t do.
  • Have empty, clean containers to put your new juice in.
  • Take notes – about the juice you’ve created, what you used to vape it, the ratios, the flavor notes, how much you enjoyed on a scale of 1-10, or anything else that strikes you as important.

You’ll find mixing brands, flavors, and strengths is a lot of fun, and opens a whole new world of experiences. As you keep learning, you might even start creating your own vape juices; the possibilities are endless!