Can You Vape RSO?

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After recreational and medical marijuana have been wholly legalized in some countries, most investors can’t seem to have enough of the cannabinoid industry.

A lot of giant companies invest in medical cannabis oils and vape juice. However, most patients might know what THC oil or CBD oil is, but very few have heard of what is commonly known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). 

This article will explain more about its wide range of therapeutic benefits and whether you can vape Rick Simpson oil much like whole cannabis flower or cannabis concentrates. It might be an unfamiliar topic for some, but you can learn more here.

Can You Vape RSO?

And now we come to the part of whether you can vape RSO. Since it is a type of cannabis oil, it’s suitable for oral ingestion as a tincture or edibles such as gummies, as well as for dabbing or smoking, depending on the type of solvent it has.

So if it uses highly flammable solvent in the ingredients package, do not attempt to dab or smoke Rick Simpson oil. You should always check whether it is safe to vape any marijuana plant product and how it was created in the first place. And then you can be safe to use it.

Additionally, if you’ve just vaped RSO or any other cannabis plant product, and the next day you have a drug test at your work, you might consider using a faster route to getting clean such as urine sample products.

How Can You Use It?

Suppose you use Rick Simpson oil for medicinal purposes like chronic pain relief or cancer treatments. In that case, it is recommended that you check your physician before starting anything independently. 

Some physicians may oppose cannabis use, but you can proceed with it at your own risk. Thousands of people have used the dosage instructions, but they can vary from person to person due to the individual health and strength. 

And here, the potency of concentrated oil plays a significant role, like with any other cannabis treatment. You can usually find Rick Simpson oil at your local dispensaries. And if you are here to learn more on how to use it, we’d be happy to share that information in the steps below.

Start With Three Doses

The first step would be to start with three doses every day, and each dose needs to be the size of a grain of rice. It should be administered in an 8-hour interval throughout the day, which means you can take it in the morning, noon and night. And the first dose needs to be ΒΌ of RSO oil.

Double The Doses

From the second week up to the fifth one, you will need to double the dose every four days and take a dosage of a whole gram of RSO every day. Then from the fifth to week 12, you can take 1 gram of RSO daily until you have 60 grams consumed. 

Eventually, the patient will take 8-9 drops of RSO in the size of rice; every eight hours. 

Continue The Regimen

After 12 weeks, you might want to continue medical treatments at a reduced rate. You can have one to two grams of RSO each month to have regular maintenance of your doses.

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When Shouldn’t You Vape RSO?

There are some cases when you shouldn’t vape RSO, and you need to be aware of them so you can make the right decision whether you’ll do it or not.

Of course, you can use Rick Simpson oil with a bit of wax liquidizer and incorporate it into your vape cartridges as a DIY solution, but you should not vape it in the cases below when the RSO is homemade, and you are not sure whether it is tested.

Naphtha Extraction

Naphtha (lighter fluid) extraction is a standard method of producing Rick Simpson oil and other homemade marijuana oils and passes as an extraction solvent with lower costs.

You’ll need to be aware of the amounts of unwanted compounds that get left behind in the stripping process, like chlorophyll, which is still present even when the solvent is evaporated. This will create an RSO oil with a strong taste and smell, and you should not practice this at home.

Instead, you can buy a finished product that is tested and safe to use. There are a lot of brands that produce RSO, so do not try and do the Naphtha extraction at home because it might be dangerous.

Ethanol Extraction

The ethanol alcohol extraction process leaves some unpurged alcohol behind, so if you tend to make your RSO oil at home, you need to know the correct measurements and amount of grain alcohol mixture present in the solvent. 

Do not attempt this at your own risk because if you get the dosage wrong, you might get inflamed tonsils, sinuses, pain in the lungs, or headaches. Buy only from trusted sources and companies.