Cannabis for Sleep: Top 6 Cannabis Strains to Help People with Sleep Deprivation

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Cannabis is well-known for inducing relaxing and sedative effects — perfect for people who have trouble sleeping. Many strains on the market are energetic and cerebral, which is great for getting a daily boost; but for a good night’s rest, you want to consider some very sleepy and calming varieties.

You can consume cbd in many forms. There are a lot of cbd gummies online.Here, we present the best strains — in no particular order — that will tuck you in with a cosy sleep. Consider that dosing and timing matters. Experimenting with these two factors can increase the efficacy of your goodnight herb.

Of course, this blog should not be taken as professional medical advice in any way, however, if you suffer from insomnia without relief, cannabis is something that you should at least discuss with your trusted physician. Stay awake throughout this post, get acquainted with all the sleepiest strains, choose one, and doze-off into bliss. Also, if you already consume cbd do let us know how does cbd make you feel in the comment section. 


Sticky Beast Automatic is an autoflowering strain created by combining Bubble Gum, OG Kush, and Critical Automatic into one plant. If you have anxious dreams all the time and only get 5 hours of sleep a night, Sticky Beast Automatic will frighten those demons away and help you cope with the source of your sleeplessness.

This strain’s benefits include increased sleep, optimism, and a mellow sensation the next morning. Sticky Beast Automatic is a relatively potent autoflower, with THC levels reaching over 16%. You can experiment with this cultivar to determine the optimal dose.

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When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, the best option you can make is to consult with The Doctor. Green House Seeds created, selected, hybridised, and stabilised the strains required to create The Doctor, an indica-dominant product with a distinct chemical profile.

The Doctor’s proud parents are Great White Shark, South Indian, and Super Skunk. If you have difficulties sleeping, taking a dosage of The Doctor before bed is something to consider. After the blooming period of The Doctor has over, growers may expect a good production of sleep medication.


Philosopher Seeds has been teaching master Yoda how to help its customers sleep and wake up with the force. Sleepy Yoda Auto is a potent autoflowering strain bred from the genetics of White Yoda Auto and Northern Lights.

This strain grows those buds swiftly, supplying sleep-deprived users with medication as soon as possible. Even the most powerful Jedis must rest in order to restore galactic equilibrium. Training with Sleepy Yoda Auto is a wise decision if you want to become a Jedi. Sleepy Yoda Auto will produce sweet dreams.


Prepare to meet White Widow, the most renowned strain in stoner history. This kind, which originated in Amsterdam, has acquired popularity in a variety of smoking circles. White Widow is a hybrid of a Brazilian Manga Rosa and South Keralan indica genetics. Royal Queen Seeds created and released this strain to assist customers get the ideal sleep experience.

The blooms’ woody, aromatic, and pine smells are particularly relaxing and peaceful. This hybrid has won a renowned cannabis cup. After having the judges fall asleep with its medication, they chose to give White Widow top ratings when they awoke. Okay, so that’s not exactly how it happened, but you get the idea.

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LA Confidential is a 100% indica strain known for its physically soothing highs. It’s a well-known cultivar that has earned a place in the cannabis hall of fame. After drinking this kind, one falls asleep and awakens with a sensation of contentment and brightness. This strain is recommended by DNA Genetics for stress alleviation and a relaxing sleep experience that will restore the energy balance of one’s mind, body, and soul.


Listen to the village’s most renowned Babushka’s old recipe. Babushka Black Auto is a cannabis strain that adds a Russian spin to the heavy sleep experience. After consuming this kind, the 19% THC and other cannabinoids will make your dreams as colourful as the Kremlin and your sleep as lengthy as the width of Russia. This autoflower produces stunning purple colours, making it highly visually attractive.