Cannabis & Vaping: 5 Pros & Cons of Vaping Cannabis Vs Smoking

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In recent times, vaping cannabis is becoming increasingly popular. It is a modern substitute for the old technique of smoking marijuana and involves heating it at temperatures below its combustion point in a vaporizer. Vaping devices like a vaping pen, cartridge, etc. can be used for this process. Now that we know what vaping really is, we can go ahead and examine its pros and cons and if it is better than smoking cannabis.

Deciding whether vaping is better the smoking is quite subjective, that is, it differs from person to person. It depends on their preferences. However, we can make your choice between the two easier by bringing you 5 pros and cons of vaping cannabis vs. smoking.

Pros of Vaping Cannabis

Better flavor 

Heating cannabis has a better and detrimental effect on its taste. Vaping weed gives a more pronounced and stronger flavor as compared to smoking. Sometimes, the smoke produced during smoking cannabis can affect the subtle nuances of the cannabis flavor. However, there is no such problem when vaping because there is no smoke. Hence, you are able to taste the individual terpenes even if the flavor reduces as you near the end of your vaping session. 

Convenience and Discretion

This is one of the most important reasons why vaping is becoming more and more popular. In order to smoke cannabis, you need to look for cannabis dealers and then roll yourself a joint. Light a matchstick, candle or a lighter and then smoke it. However, vaping is quite hassle-free and convenient as compared to this. For instance, you can buy a disposable vaping pen that already has the vaping oil in it. Sometimes, they even have a button that you can press to activate the atomizer inside the pen. How easy is that?! In addition to this, vaping is extremely discreet because unlike smoking, it does not produce much odor, especially if it’s not heated at high temperatures.

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Vaping does not produce smoke

Since vaping involves merely heating cannabis and not burning it, there is no smoke produced. This saves you from the harmful effects that inhaling smoke has on your respiratory system. In addition to this, the smoke also lingers in the air wherever you have smoked it and also on your clothes. With vaping, there is no such problem. 

Complete control over the temperature 

High quality weed vaporizers come with an adjustable heat feature, which allows you to have complete and total control over the temperature at which you consume your cannabis. This allows you to alter the cannabis flavor according to your preferences and decide the best temperature to vape weed at, even if it takes a little trial and error in the beginning. 

Vaping is healthier than smoking

While not a lot of research is available to prove this, several experts say that vaping is less harmful than smoking. It also protects you from harmful smoke as opposed to smoking which exposes you to dangerous carcinogenic compounds, that harm your respiratory health.

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Cons of Vaping Cannabis

You need to learn a lot about vaping

While vaping may be more convenient than smoking, it still requires a person to learn about and research quality vaporizers and vaping pens. You also need to learn how to use a vaping device properly, choose the right pack, how to inhale from your device, and how to clean the vape coil

Vaporizer usually needs to be paired with a grinder 

You need a good functioning grinder if you want to vape, because most vaporizers don’t function without it. Especially if you are using a portable vape that runs on conduction, you need a medium to fine grinder. Grinders lead to better extraction of terpenes from the cannabis and make the vaporizer function more efficiently.

It has to be charged regularly or plugged in 

While vaping doesn’t require the use of matchsticks or a lighter, most vaporizers do require you to charge them or plug them in. This means that you won’t be able to vape if, say, your vaporizer is not near a wall socket. However, the upside is that most portable vapes, when fully charged, have an excellent battery life and can work for multiple sessions without any inconvenience. 

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Maintenance is required

Your typical vaporizer requires some maintenance as compared to smoking. In order to ensure that your vaporizer gives its best performance, it is crucial to keep it clean and in good condition. After every few sessions, you should ideally clean your vaporizer to make sure that it doesn’t go bad. 


The initial cost of vaping cannabis is higher as compared to smoking it. Even to begin vaping, you first need to purchase a vaping pen or any other vaping device. If it is a refillable one, you will also need to buy e-juice canisters. The cheapest vaporizers on the market are available for more than $100. This is one of the major reasons why vaping hasn’t become as popular as it could be. As mentioned before, more vaporizers also require a grinder. So you’ll have to spend on that as well.