CBD Vape Juice vs. CBD cartridges: What’s the Difference?

CBD Vape Juice vs. CBD cartridges 2-Max-Quality

There are several ways of consuming CBD, including oral, application, edibles and mixing with drinks and food. But there’s one method that is gaining momentum; vaping. It’s probably the best way to take CBD because of its convenience. Besides, it’s you get to enjoy CBD’s health benefits while having a great moment vaping.

If you plan to start vaping, then you need to choose how to take it best. Is it CBD vape juice or CBD cartridge? To choose one that best suits you, you need a good understanding of both.

In this article, we’ll show you the differences between CBD vape juice vs. cartridge to make your buying decision much easier.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice, CBD e-liquid, and CBD vape oil are all the same. They are basically CBD oil made for vaping. CBD oil is made from plant extracts and its insoluble or too dense to be used in a vape pen or tank in its original form. So, to make CBD oil suitable for vaping, fatty acids are removed to make CBD based glycerol or vegetable glycerine (VG). It can also be made using propylene glycol (PG) or Polyethylene glycol (PEG). The end product is a substance that you can vaporize when heated on low temperatures to give vapor that you inhale from the vaporizer.

What is CBD Cartridge?

CBD cartridges are small electronic cigarette tanks that hold the ejuice. The prefilled ones are disposable while the refillable cartridges are reusable. The cartridge is joined with a battery to make a vape pen.

1. Strength

CBD vape juice and CBD cartridge can vary in terms of strength. You can determine the strength usually in mg of CBD per bottle by dividing the volume with CBD amounts in the vape substance.

CBD vape juices come with relatively higher volumes allowing you to fine-tune your dosage.

They are usually in at least 30 mL per bottle, but the volume can be higher. A 30 mL bottle containing 500 mg of CBD is ideal for a beginner, but experienced users can go up to 1000 mg or more. Cartridges usually are 0.5 or 1 mL. So, if the cartridge is not refillable, then it means you’re stuck with the cartridge size.

2. Amount of Voltage Used

Although most CBD vape juice and CBD cartridge use standard 510 battery batteries, some vape pens require high voltage compared to CBD cartridge. So, you’ll need more power to vape CBD vape juice. Using the same voltage on cartridges is not advisable. It can damage the cartridge and can cause serious injuries to the user. CBD cartridges use a standard battery with a suitable voltage.

CBD Vape Juice vs. CBD cartridges 1-Max-Quality

3. Ease of Use

In terms of usage, there is no much difference between CBD vape and CBD cartridge. Both are easy to use. So, it all comes down to whether you are using a prefilled or refillable vaporizer. If you’re using a pre-filled vaporizer with your vape juice, you just need to put it between your lips and draw the vapor.

With CBD cartridges, there’s nothing difficult. Just fix the cartridge onto the barrel and suck on the tip. Using a refillable cartridge can be messy on your early refills. There’s going to be some wastes, and you’ll need to clean up every time you refill. But with a disposable cartridge, there’s no mess. Just unscrew and throw it out once it’s finished and replace it with a new cartridge.

4. Price

CBD vape juice is affordable compared to CBD cartridges. In fact, you can even make your own e-liquid at a much lower cost. Premium CBD vape cartridges can be expensive. That explains why most users on a budget tend to lean towards CBD e-liquid.

But that’s doesn’t mean that all CBD vape juices are cheap. Using the unit cost can be deceiving. The best way to get value for your money is to determine the price per milligram. Most CBD cartridges can be highly-priced but are more potent.

5. Variety

If you want an ejuice with many options then, CBD vape juice is the best. Unlike vape juices, there are few producers of CBD cartridge, which means fewer options for users. Most of the manufacturers tend to focus on meeting the demands of the majority.


Both CBD cartridge and vape juices are incredible options. Since both use the same CBD oil from hemp, there’s no significant difference between the two. So, it all comes down to your personal preferences. But if you’re budget conscious, then you can get more value buying your vape juices in bulk.

The choice of vaporizer, refillable, or disposable also has a huge impact on your experience. Regardless of how you plan to vape, always remember to go for premium products for the best experience.