CBD Vape & THC Vape: 5 Similarities & Difference

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Marijuana users are increasingly becoming aware of the adverse side effects of smoking. It explains why so many users are now opting to vape over smoking marijuana. Vaping offers a discreet and convenient way of consuming marijuana products such as CBD and THC.

Today, users have the option to either vape CBD oil or THC oil. CBD vape and THC vape may sound similar. Nonetheless, the two have subtle differences. It helps users to know these differences so that they can choose the vaping option that suits them. Below is a detailed analysis of the differences and similarities between CBD vape and THC vape.

Similarities Between CBD and THC vape

Both CBD and THC Vape Use Similar Devices

These two components use similar vaping devices. That means you don’t need to learn how to use two different vaping devices. Vaping THC or CBD entails using battery-powered devices for heating CBD and THC vape oils.

Users then inhale the vapor. Some of the standard vaping devices used for THC and CBD vape include vape pens, pod mods, and box mods. Some CBD & THC vapes found here are suitable for advanced THC and CBD vapors.

They Are Both Psychoactive

Both THC vape and CBD vape have psychoactive properties. These are the properties that alter the brain’s functionality. They affect different receptors in the human brain although at varied effects. After vaping CBD or THC oil, the cannabinoids bind themselves with the receptors, ultimately producing psychoactive effects.

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The Two Have Potential Benefits

Both THC and CBD vape offers users various health benefits. Preliminarily research shows that they can treat chronic illnesses that are hard to treat with pharmaceutical medicines. Vaping CBD and THC helps fight sleep disorders, reduce pain, and combat anxiety among other therapeutic benefits.

CBD And THC Vape Are Suitable For Medical And Recreational Purposes

Recreational use of THC and CBD entails vaping these two marijuana products for personal enjoyment. Although the two products are yet to become FDA approved, users still use them for medical purposes.

It explains why some drugs such as Epidiolex and Cesamet contain THC and CBD. Some people vape the two to alleviate the pain linked with migraine headaches, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

They Have Side Effects

Vaping THC or CBD is generally safer than smoking tobacco. However, there are some unwanted side effects of THC and CBD, especially when used in high doses. Those who vape the two report experiencing changes in their mood. Others report experiencing drowsiness and feelings of anxiety.

Differences Between CBD and THC vape

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THC Has Stronger Psychoactive Effects

THC vape offers more substantial psychoactive effects than CBD vape. Although the latter is still psychoactive, it doesn’t deliver the high attributes with THC vape. THC binds seamlessly with CB1 receptors in the human brain.

CBD, on the other hand, binds weakly with these receptors. That makes it possible for THC vape to produce more substantial psychoactive effects than CBD vape. Also, THC vape gives users a euphoric feeling while impacting their mood. CBD has traces of psychoactive compounds and hardly causes a high. It is best known for giving users a sense of well-being.

CBD Vape Is Safer Than THC Vape

THC has considerable side effects than vaping CBD hence not suitable for everyone. Vaping CBD doesn’t expose users to euphoric effects associated with THC. Taking a high amount of THC can cause temporary side effects like increased heart rate and memory loss.

CBD Vape Is More Expensive Than THC Vape

CBD is more expensive than THC for many reasons. First, CBD comes from the hemp plant, unlike THC, which comes from the marijuana plant. Growing hemp is more challenging than growing any other cannabis strain. Secondly, extracting and refining CBD is more challenging than extracting THC. The complexity in extracting and refining CBD makes it expensive. CBD vape offers more health benefits with fewer undesirable effects.

THC Vape Taste And Feels Better Than CBD Vape

In their natural form, THC is richer in flavor than CBD. Users experience a pleasant taste and feel while vaping CBD. However, CBD tastes awful and doesn’t have flavors. Hence, it is more enjoyable to vape THC than vaping CBD.

THC Vape IS Suitable For Seasoned Vapers

As mentioned, CBD doesn’t produce more robust effects than THC. Therefore, novice vapers or newbie cannabis users can safely vape CBD and get their desired results. However, vaping CBD won’t produce significant effects for seasoned vapers. CBD will weakly bid on the endocannabinoid systems of experienced users. THC is more powerful and has stronger effects that suit users with a higher body tolerance.


Ultimately, both THC vape and CBD vape have similarities and differences. Cannabis users need to comprehend them while deciding whether to vape CBD or THC. However, users should understand that the effects of these two cannabinoids vary from one user to another.