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Build Quality - 9/10
Vapor - 8/10
Value - 9/10
Design - 9/10
Ease of use - 8/10
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Build Quality - 8/10
Vapor - 8/10
Value - 9/10
Design - 8/10
Ease of use - 9/10

Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers in 2020

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You’ve heard something about cheap herb vaporizers, but you aren’t sure what that is. Is that another low-rate shiny plastic stuff, or a real blessing in disguise? We are here to help you find it out.

  • Compact size
  • Stylish design
  • 650 mA Battery
  • Dual coil
  • Bright color options

The pen-cake style coils and a pen-style vaporizer make a legend come true: you have a portable, cheap vaporizer that efficiently heats herbs!

This is possible thanks to the strong 650 mAh battery that provides for the lasting sessions. The full charge will give you from 3 to 6 hours of uninterrupted vaping. The device is engineered to work at the power level that allows the herbs to reveal flavors with the optimal potency and a simple one-button operation makes the whole process a game!

The sturdy built gives a sense of durability, while the chrome housing with a rubberized exterior caters to the soft, yet firm touch. With all of this, the Evolve-D vaporizer has everything to become a reliable companion in your day-to-day adventures.

  • Instant heat
  • Durable
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

The name speaks for the device’s quality better than other words. Made by Grenco Science, one of the most trusted brands in the industry, the G Slim has a lot to surprise. First of all, it’s the light-weight technology standing for high-performance functionality. Secondly, it’s an outstanding simplicity in use.

All you need to start vaping is just to unscrew the mouthpiece, pack your herbs into the heating chamber, put the mouthpiece back and press the button to begin heating. Mind, your herbs should be ground well to avoid combustion.

And thirdly, with the designer look of this vape pen, you have to be ready to shine in any setting, either it is a concert, camping, club, party, lunch breaks at a job or even when going shopping! The sleek and super-portable G Slim is a perfect companion everywhere. What is even more striking is the price. Costing only 20 USD, the G Pen is one of the best dry herb vaporizers under 50 USD.

  • Carbon housing
  • Durable
  • User-friendly mouthpiece
  • Even heat
  • 1200 mAh Battery
  • Anodized heating chamber

The shark of vape business, Atmos, has issued a new device for the pleasure of connoisseurs and starters. Being a portable, cheap weed vaporizer pen, the Jump has the best of two worlds. As a vape pen it is sleek and slim, and as a portable vape pen, it features anodized heating chamber for streamline vaporization free from combustion.

The single temperature setting fastens the heating process. With the durable carbon fiber body, the look and style will cut a dash! The micro-USB charging port caters to the user-friendly operation, so does the easily accessed mouthpiece. The fantastic, affordable and straightforward Jump vape has a quality of an expensive vaporizer with the price that fits any pocket!

  • 5 Temperature settings
  • Upgraded mouthpiece
  • Silicone vapor path
  • Convection oven
  • Fast heating

Meet the ultra-lightweight portable vaporizer from Pulsar series. APX V2 vape features the upgraded vapor path and mouthpiece, catering to the smooth hits. If you have searched for a device with discreet design to use on-the-go efficiently, here’s your hit! It perfectly fits your palm, and, being only 4 inches long, it easily sleeks into any pocket.

Pulsar APX features a couple of upgrades in comparison with a previous version. The rubber control button instead of a metallic one provides for a soft touch, and the temperature control settings let you choose different temperature levels. With all of this, the APX is not just an affordable vape – it outperforms all the expectations, becoming one of the best budget dry herb vaporizers of the present.

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Boosted airflow
  • 18650 Battery
  • Temperature settings

Perhaps one of the most travel-friendly cheap dry herb vaporizers. Being just 130 mm in length it is also extremely light-weight, as it consists of durable plastic. The fast, potent vapor is generated in a moment. Other features borrowed from more expensive counterparts are the boosted airflow, temperature, and water-pipe adaptability.

The precision temperature feature, rarely found in portable vaporizers, gives you total control over your temperature settings. Once choosing the preferred heat-level with the help of the high-quality interface, the device warms up momentarily.

The water-pipe adaptability achieved thanks to the additional glass tube caters to the cleaner vapor, without sacrificing portability. With all of that, the CGC 2.0 has everything, you can expect from a cheap vaporizer and even more!

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Why do you need a dry-herb vaporizer?

In the 70’s the insiders knew that the number 420 stands for an almost secret community of teens who made smoking weed their labor of love. People say the name comes from the police code of penalties given away for marijuana consumption.

Since illegal recreation was a forbidden fruit, many stoners did their best to keep smoking weed as discreet as possible, yet, making the whole thing even more attractive. The legalization of recreational drugs in many states set the cautious weed smokers on cloud nine, unleashing them to go high when and where they wanted. Yet, rolling a G in the open or puffing Amsterdam air around remains unacceptable in some settings.

best weed grinders featured imagePerhaps the best way to avoid angry looks and have some of recreation is to use a dry herb vaporizer. Since, for those who haven’t yet tried dry herb vaporizers, buying an expensive pro-level device, mostly costing over $100 per piece is quite a dangerous step.

The ones who attempted cheap vapes of lousy quality are uncertain about further experiments, being twice shy after once bitten. If you don’t want to break more eggs than needed for an omelet, it’s better to buy checked and attested pieces.

Why cheap dry herb vaporizers?

The high price is about the high-quality stuff inside. Extra digits account for powerful battery, variable wattage, materials, and other subtleties, the connoisseurs love. Yet, do you need all that stuff if you can get the main things for cheap? In the end, all you need is efficient vaporizing of material, and that depends on a couple of critical factors:

Combustion – it’s not the best experience to be proud off, yet famous even among the best cheap herb vaporizers. Still, it can be avoided with the proper coils. The combustion happens when the coils are not contacting material directly. To prevent this, ceramic chambers were invented.

They are considered the best receipt against overheating. Other things that work are the stainless steel protective screens, and all of this stuff is to be found in cheap vaporizers as well.

Airflow holes – the position and the number of holes is important. If the holes are only on the bottom, you are to expect short and inefficient vaping sessions and a lot of mess.

Coil number and size – a single small coil or rod stands for a very weak draw and low cloud production. If your vape is elegant and thin, it’s far from being an ideal piece for herbs. In the world of dry herb vaporizers, only big tools cut the mustard.

Mouthpiece – your lips and your skin is not the area to throw caution to the wind, so the mouthpiece should be made of the heat-protective material. And there is a lot to choose from, even in the category of affordable pieces. Based on this short checklist, you can choose the best cheap dry herb vaporizer to fit your needs.

weed and money imageWhat about the safety?

We all do understand, there is no such a thing as free lunch, and in the domain of cheap vapes, there are a lot of points of caution, yet informed means armed.

The first thing you should know is that vaping herbs is best at low temperatures. The fact that even the best budget vaporizer doesn’t heat that much, makes these little devils perfect. The only thing to beware is the quality of the ground material.

It should be free from synthetic cannabinoids and other chemical compounds, or you’ll have a horrible taste or even get stoned unexpectedly fast. Mistakenly, people admit this to the lousy vape, while in fact, it’s the lousy herb that rains on your parade.

Dry herb vaporizers are where the size does matter. The bigger the device is, the stronger the vapor, hit and taste get. It is a recreational device, great both for a party and for a profound relaxation. Yet, if you need a one-time device to try it on, or vape on the go, use in public places, or have a cheap weed vape to hide in the palm, the small device with a less powerful battery is a hit.

It will bring you quite decent vapor and taste, especially when used once in a blue moon. The US market holds a variety of dry herb vapes to choose a favorite one. We want to help you find the best budget dry herb vaporizer, which would be worthy of your attention.

The pros and cons of cheap vapes

Being ready to obtain a vape that best fits your pocket in size and money, be sure to learn all the positive and negative sides. We have prepared a short review to display the benefits and the downsides of the best cheap weed vaporizers.


Buying a cheap weed vaporizer, be ready for the small restricted draws, due to the limited battery power. This also leads to slow conduction and the time-consuming heat-up. Small chambers also don’t cater to long sessions and vapor thickness.

The other downside is a lot of plastic in construction and little design options. The makers can’t afford to spend too many expensive high-quality materials, neither they invest in design. So in fact what you get is reduced power and less striking design.

medical weed imagePositive sides

Like expensive vapes, a cheap vaporizer is often stuffed with handy high-tech features, like various temperature modes. Some companies try to have both of two worlds: durability and cost-effectiveness, so you may fully expect ceramic chambers, durable housing, and long battery life.

Overheating is fought thanks to protection, glass mouthpieces and often extra mouthpieces, included in the pack. The most significant benefit of cheap vapes is their size. Usually, they are smaller, and, therefore more discreet in public.

A cheap weed vaporizer pen can be the size of a usual vape pen. And last but not the least, the flavor quality is great and you can have smooth vapor without spending hundreds of bucks.


To sum up, we have to say that good options for reasonable prices do exist in the category of budget devices and they are ready to pleasure you in unexpected ways. You may find the best dry herb vaporizer under $100, and even more – the best dry herb vaporizer under $50.

Despite some minor downsides, like a lot of plastic, slower operation and tighter draws, the best cheap vaporizer is the best option when it comes to short, discreet draws in public or on the go, when you need much relaxation with little attention.

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