Dabbing Safely- Small Precautions That Make A Big Difference

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Dabbing is a relatively new technique of cannabis consumption, though it is fast gaining popularity for the amazing experience it offers. But when it comes to dab safety, you need to be extra careful. The method is complex, and even seasoned users may need some time to master the skill. So it makes sense to know all about the safety precautions before you take the plunge or even dab subsequently because you have to be careful every time. Here are the fundamental precautions you must take for dabbing safely. 

Start small and get larger

The main precaution with dabbing relates to dosing because concentrates are very different from the other products you may have used before. Ideally, you need to go low and slow with any form of cannabis, but following the rule becomes all the more crucial with dabs. A little goes a long way, at least, until you have done it several times and understand how it works for you. Your first encounter with concentrates can give you a fair idea about your tolerance, and you can limit the dosage accordingly. 

Have the right equipment

After deciding a safe dose, having the right equipment matters the most when it comes to dabbing safety. A dab rig is what you will need to start with, though there are other safe homemade ways to smoke dabs you can try if you don’t have one. Just make sure that you are confident about using them. Some research can help, or you can ask a seasoned dabber for some useful advice.

Be attentive with the torch

Using a torch safely requires adequate attention because it is trickier than the other methods of weed consumption. You have to heat the nail properly up to a given temperature. Also, ensure that the plug and nozzle of the torch are compatible while loading butane into it. This is necessary to prevent leakage of the gas and alleviate the risk of a hazardous flame. 

Keep the temperature low

A low temperature is a secret to enjoying the best benefits from concentrates. It offers the most amazing taste and smoothness, along with the high you expect. You need to find consistency with the use of a torch and nail to get the temperature right. The material and style of the nail decide how you should work.  The nail has to be red hot until glowing for materials other than glass, while you will need to wait longer for thicker quartz and titanium materials.

Clean the dabber after every hit

Hygiene is something you cannot ignore when consuming cannabis through dabbing because the dabber may accumulate some dirt when left lying. Dirt and remnants from the last session can compromise the experience even if you use the purest and best quality product. It is recommended to clean it after every hit so that you can dab safely and enjoyably every time. 

Being extra careful with dabbing safety makes sense for first-timers as well as seasoned users. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be rocket science, as these simple precautions can take you a long way.