Dogs – Mental Health Issues and How to Fight Them Back

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If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

Woodrow Wilson

A true dog lover knows how badly a dog senses the emotions and acts accordingly. If a pet’s owner is sad or happy, the pet behaves the same way. It may be a common factor for this emotional state remaining in the pet’s mind for a while, but if it lasts, it can result in severe depression in dogs.

This reveals that one out of four dogs is suffering from depression signs which are somewhere taking a toll on the overall health of dogs, putting them under a worse state. Some of the most common symptoms of dog depression include – badly disturbed sleeping and eating order, inactivity, dull face, pale eyes, the inactive response when someone calls their name, no zeal to play, anxiety, behavioral change, depression, mood swings, aggression, poor responses, etc.

These signs can be improved using CBD. Many studies have found that cannabis has turned out to be a great source of improving the pet’s health to a considerable extent. It helps dogs to get over the separation anxiety, fear of losing the owner, etc. The adequate amount of CBD consumption makes it easier for the pet to fight back depression and bring back the good vibes.

CBD is a herb that has multiple medicinal properties providing countless benefits to human beings and pets like dogs and cats. Cannabis helps to soothe mental health issues which makes it a progressive solution to many problems. It has the potential to calm aggressive behavior of pets, anxiety, mood swings, unusual behavior and other factors which end up in poor coordination between the owner and the pet.

In case you are witnessing such factors in your pet then you can consider to start the CBD doses for your pet. If you have never tried this before, the veterinarians would suggest going for edibles or CBD oil which shows some amazing results in no time.

Generally, you can witness promising results within 2 or 3 weeks of prescribed CBD dosage. No matter whenever you start the practice of CBD consumption for your pet, make sure to start with a low concentration amount to let the pet adjust accordingly. However, it does not reflect any side effects or adverse effects on pets yet; it is best to keep your bundle of joy in a safe spot.

The bottom line –

Depression is a severe health issue which puts the health of a dog in a bad light in no time. In most of the cases, an unstable state of mind leads a pet towards depression. Pets can sense hatred and love at first sight and feel it adversely.

This makes it important for pet owners to evaluate and act accordingly. Besides treatments and medicines, CBD works as a great way to help pets get rid of depression and other mental health issues. But before you give cannabis to the pet, make sure to get it consulted from the veterinarian.