How to Choose the Right E-Liquid Manufacturer

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid Manufacturer image 1

In the wide world of vaping, there are many sidestreets, provinces and locations to visit. These take the form of the various ways to interact with this new and exciting industry. For some, the appeal comes from working with their hands changing out coils, putting in new tanks and looking for the most technically-impressive devices available.

However, for others, vaping is more of a prestigious hobby. It is all about having the flashiest vape, doing the coolest tricks and having a certain level of style attached to their inhalations. Still, though, these two hobbyists do not represent the entirety of the community. Indeed, there is one more group that is even more prevalent and common than the first two.

Yes, that’s right. The taste hunters are our last category. These individuals see the potential for flavours galore in vaping and take every opportunity to try new flavours, find new suppliers and enjoy different delights that are both delicious and devilish.

But, there is a lot of variety in the e-liquid market. Every manufacturer wants to feature their favourite flavours and provide a deep and rich catalogue of options for their fandom. So, how is a flavour hunter meant to choose from such a wide array of fascinating flavours? Well, they can certainly use our help and check out the offerings available at

Five Manufacturers to Get Your Flavour Hunt On

Naked 100 e-liquid

We start off strong on our list with one of the most popular brands on the market. Naked 100 e-liquid is well known for providing delicious flavours that scintillate and arouse the senses. Delicious classics like tobacco and menthol are present in their catalogue, certainly, but it is really the fruity flavour fusions that find themselves favourited frequently.

JC Classic e-liquid

If you like going mouth-to-lung, you’ll be a big fan of JC Classic. They are one of Canada’s most popular e-liquids, and for good reason. Their smooth and delicious flavour concoctions are enviable by the other entrants on this list, and in particular, their decision to offer drink options is relatively unique. Who wants a margarita in a glass when you can get it with every puff of vapour?

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Lemon Twist e-liquid

The sweet and sour taste of citrus is a human favourite. We put it on our drinks and meals, and even our scents. Even within the citrus category, oranges, limes and grapefruits bow down to the one and only supreme leader; lemon. Lemon Twist e-liquids understand who is king and make their flavours revolve around and complement this tasty and tantalizing twist of tangy temptation.

Illusion e-liquid

Hop on the leading edge and enjoy yourself some Illusion e-liquid. Another Canadian darling, this brand sets itself apart with urban stylings on a contemporary backdrop. They use fantastic naming conventions for their fruity and flavourful delights, like “legacy,” “eden,” “luna,” “red magic,” “nirvana” and “mamba.”

12 Monkeys e-liquid

A personal favourite, 12 Monkeys isn’t only a reference to the hit Bruce Willis film starring Brad Pitt. It is also a fantastic brand that has actually partnered with Illusion to develop and release Nikki, a fantastic smoking alternative.

Now that you know about just some of the top brands in e-liquid manufacturing, the next step is to get started on supplying your stores and stockpiling your selections. Look for a retailer near you to get started on a better vaping experience today!