How To Make Sure You Get High With Your First Vaping Experience

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If you are looking to switch from smoking to vaping, it is perhaps the smartest decision you may have made. Even as you move towards this healthier alternative, you would want a comparable level of high with the new method. For the beginners, experiencing the euphoria is something they would expect for the first time. Fortunately, there is much you can do to customize the session for the most incredible sensation. The best part is that it doesn’t require a lot of hard work and investment. Here are some simple tricks to ensure that you get high with your first vaping experience.

Start with some research

Whether you are just starting with cannabis or have some experience with other methods of consumption, some research on vaping puts you in a good position before you start. Start by finding the benefits of vaping over smoking. Check the popular e-juice products and accessories in the market before you invest in them. A lot of help is available online, or you could seek advice from fellow vapers who have been doing this for a while. 

Know the PG/VG vaping ratio

When it comes to getting high with your first session, everything boils down to the PG/VG ratio of the vape juices you choose. A high VG content works if you are looking for thick, voluminous clouds. Conversely, low VG is ideal if you want a deep throat hit minus clouds. For beginners, a higher ratio is recommended as it cuts the risk of allergies and delivers a sweet taste.

THC content equates to high

If you are really serious about getting high with your first vaping experience, the choice of your e-juice can make all the difference. Trying liquid thc is a great idea because it is capable of delivering just the kind of hit you are looking for. The product is high on psychoactive cannabinoid, so you get the impact that promises an incredible experience. Ideally, you must try it if you are a seasoned user, even if you may have mastered the other forms of weed.

Check the battery of your device

The quality and impact of the vapor greatly depend on how well your device operates. If it isn’t charged enough, you can expect it to deliver the high you want. You may have just unboxed the vape pen, so make sure that you check the battery before you start using it. For someone new who does not understand the device, it is best to get the device checked by an experienced user and charge it if there is a need. 

Manage the e-juice properly

Before filling up the vape tank, you need to shake the e-juice to make sure that everything is mixed properly. Unless you do it, the liquid may not deliver the expected potency levels. Also, avoid leaving the e-juice opened up because exposure to air can compromise the flavor and intensity of the product. Store away from heat and light, and you can get the best experiences time and again. 

Your first experience with any cannabis product and consumption mode should be an incredible one. Just a few simple measures and you can get the high you deserve!