Is Mail Order a Popular Method of Buying Marijuana in Ontario?

Is Mail Order a Popular Method of Buying Marijuana in Ontario image

Canada is one of the countries where people can legally buy marijuana for recreational purposes. This business has changed their economy and society a lot. Ontario is maybe one of the largest weed markets in Canada, with plenty of online marijuana shops and retailers, like Black Rabbit and many more.

This province became involved in legalization by the mass appearance of online shops before all brick-and-mortar stores. The government of Ontario decided to give licenses and permits to sell marijuana to almost every businessman who qualifies for it.

There are plenty of dispensaries in Canada and its provinces that popped out right after that decision. The simplicity of order and delivery, which people have made mail order one of the most popular methods of purchasing marijuana.

We decided to explain why most of the Ontario citizens decide to go for mail order and why that is the ideal method of getting marijuana in Ontario. So, let’s get down to it.

What Is the Concept of Mail-Order?

In the past, when there were no online payment gateways, people were sending money directly to dispensaries and shops, and after the money arrived, products would be shipped to them. That was a complex procedure, and sometimes it tools days for orders to be delivered.

Today, this concept and procedure work simply. Mail order and delivery have become more sophisticated. Now, you can visit an online shop, look for the product, and buy it in a few clicks. The only condition that needs to be filled is that you have a credit card or any access to some payment services like PayPal.

Since online purchases became popular, so did the mail orders. That’s how most people transferred to online shopping, and most marijuana users in Ontario discovered that they could get their weed supplies immediately after they completed the order.

Mail-Ordering is a Convenient Way to Buy Marijuana

Mail-ordering became the safest and easiest way to purchase marijuana strains from your bed or armchair. The biggest advantage of this type of shopping is the ability to do everything from the warmth of your home without having to push in lines.

Everything you need to do is visit an online shop while sipping morning coffee and search for their catalogs and offers. Online vendors always have a more comprehensive range of products and a variety of different cannabis strains you can choose from.

There’s also a possibility to save lots of money. Online vendors usually have discounts, and they offer coupons and codes for almost all their visitors. Only remember always to read the product label and description. Search for properties and possible side effects before you place an order.

Guaranteed Discretion

Besides the fact that marijuana is legal in Ontario, buying weed is still taboo for some people. Many of them want to buy it but in private circumstances. Mail delivery is the most private way to get your marijuana supplies, not just in Ontario but in all countries where weed is legal.

The marijuana you order is specially packaged and sent by mail that comes directly to your door. It’s a simple delivery with guaranteed discretion and privacy. People also use marijuana for medical purposes and some serious conditions, and they don’t want to share that with strangers.

That’s why the method of mail ordering marijuana is the most convenient and discreet way to avoid curious sellers and bombs of questions.

Online Ordering Is Available 24/7

This is an extreme advantage and the main reason why mail order is such an ideal option for buying marijuana. You can order your stock at any time of the day. Besides that, online shops try to send the product as soon as you place an order.

It can be said that because of this benefit this method of shopping is becoming increasingly popular. People no longer have to wait for the free weekend to procure weed; they can order it whenever they want.

The perk of online shopping is immediate access to online stores from your computer 24/7. Also, sellers make sure that delivery operates fast so you won’t have to worry about running out of a daily marijuana dose. It only takes a few minutes and clicks to place an order, and there’s a possibility that marijuana will be on your doorstep the next day.


Ordering online can save your precious time, and it can be the most convenient way for busy individuals. This method of buying marijuana will reduce time spent searching for products and wandering from one dispensary to another.

There’s also a wider variety of options and offers you can choose from. All in all, we can’t say that mail order is a popular method of buying weed in Ontario. Have you tried mail orders yet? What are your experiences?