Knowing the difference: Vaporizers vs Bongs

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In recent years, people have realized that marijuana can be used as a natural remedy against many ailments. A ton of research has helped legalize marijuana in a ton of places, not only for medicinal use but also for recreational purposes. With this understanding of the benefits of marijuana, there is also a need to understand the various accessories available to us for consuming this psychoactive plant.

The two most argued about accessories are bongs and vaporizers. Many avid smokers are divided between these two. There is already the age-old battle of joints vs bongs, now let us try to look at the major differences between a vaporizer and a bong.

A difference in effects after smoking

Before we start with this, it needs to be quite clear that both of these work in very different ways. A vaporizer heats the weed either directly or indirectly with a controlled temperature without actually burning it. A bong on the other hand burns the weed in the bowl, that needs to be inhaled all at once. There is little to no smoke produced from a vaporizer since it turns it to vapor. Therefore, both of these have quite a different effect as well.

A bong can get you really stoned, really fast, while a vaporizer produces a mild and mellow high. Both of these usually use pure herbs, with no tobacco involved in the process. Even though you are using the same substance, the cannabinoids are entering your system in very different ways. A vaporizer has an effect that is closer to what a joint does, while burning good weed into a bong can be quite a heavy trip.

The advantages of a bong

For many old-schoolers, a bong might as well be the only way of smoking cannabis if you truly want to get high. This allows you to get absolutely blazed out of your mind and it is impossible to imagine the stoner culture without a bong. There are many different types of bongs that you can get, including percolator bongs and water bongs. You do not need to think of charging your apparatus, like you would have to with the vaporizer.

All you need is a light and some good weed. Another benefit of this is that it is much easier to clean a bong than a vaporizer, since most of them have detachable downstems. All you need to do is put in some cleaning solution and let it sit for a while before rinsing it out. Bongs might be expensive, but vaporizers are more heavy on your wallet.

The advantages of a vaporizer

Research indicates that there are a lot less carcinogens released in the process of vaping. There is less tar and less toxic fumes entering your body with a vape. This is quite portable and very discreet if you do not want to smoke weed publicly. There are a ton of experts who still recommend smoking concentrates in an old fashioned dab rig rather than a vaporizer.

There are many differences between a bong and a vaporizer. It is important to know the details so that you can make a well informed decision during your next smoke session.