Modern Rosin Press Buying in Mind? A Guide to Choosing One like a Pro

Rosin Press-Max-Quality image

The hottest new concentrate is popping all eyes up. It is trending on the Rosin block, and you indeed are looking to dig deep into what the thing is and wish to find answers to the questions triggering your mind lately.

Well, if that’s on your mind, then what better than reading an ultimate resource we’ve gathered for you? This post will enlighten you about Rosin and the best of the tips for choosing a rosin press for yourself. Let’s get going:

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a process that helps in the extraction of oils. These essential oils give a cannabis plant a unique smell by making use of pressure and heat. The extraction process is quite simple and does not need the usage of any foreign substances. Yes, unlike propane and butane, Rosin doesn’t involve any complexities.

Since Rosin doesn’t involve using substances to produce or any other solvents, the experts are all pro for its usage. Thus, the final product achieved is pure, potent, and tastes and smells like the strain.

That makes a pretty good reason for the immense popularity of Rosin and its strong clench over the extracts market.

How to make Rosin?

It is pretty easy to make Rosin since it needs minimal equipment and the least amount of investment. You can produce your favorite Rosin at home and get together the rig for as low as $500.

Another option is to buy the same from a reputed brand at the exact cost. A rosin setup for the production of Rosin consists of:

  1. A rosin press
  2. Some starting materials like bubble hash, cannabis flowers, or kief.
  3. Extraction bags for filtering Rosin.
  4. Unbleached rosin paper, if possible.

Now that you know the importance of a press, it becomes vital to consider some factors before paving a path for press shopping:

Pressure Types

The significant types of pressure you’ll come across while shopping for one such equipment. It is by far the most crucial factor to consider as it depicts the press you’ll be bringing home.

Manual Pressure

The manual pressure works best for machines. A manual cannabis press works in pressure application by twisting a lever or pulling it. These machines apply pressure somewhere between the ranges of 1000 PSI to as high as 3000 PSI.

Operating the machine is easy. All you need is some strength for doing it by yourself after employing a manual weed press.

Hydraulic pressure

A hydraulic weed press uses hydraulic pressure to generate force between 5,000PSI to 20,000PSI. The press is small and light in weight- much lighter than a pneumatic press. Another differentiating factor is that the rosin press uses a hand pump while eliminating an air compressor’s need.

They’re the best entry-level cannabis press after the manual media and are also suitable for home use. The hydraulic press makes an ideal choice as an entry-level press after the manual press and is suitable for household use.

Pneumatic pressure

A pneumatic press offers reliability and low maintenance. Such press makes use of an air compressor for providing power so that a push of a button works to increase or decrease the pressure.

A pneumatic press helps to press high volumes. Characteristics like heaviness, bulk, and considerable noise make this more suitable for commercial use, restricting household use.

Rosin Plate Size?

Rosin plates with rectangular shapes are ideal and much more convenient than square-shaped containers. We say this because press heat emerging from the ill-quality body can deteriorate the rosin quality.

The small machines with 1.25″ x 2.25″ are capable of pressing only one gram of marijuana strains at a given point in time. The ideal plate size for packing 5-7 grams can be somewhere between 6 inches.

The Verdict

Moisture content, plate temperature, and plate heating are other factors to consider when choosing an optimal rosin press. All you’ve to do is exemplify your needs and make a wise decision.