Pros & Cons of a Dry Herb Vaporizer

CBD and THC vaping products, dry herb vaporizer and healthy inhaling of cannabis concept theme with e-cigarette and vape mod surrounded by marijuana buds isolated on white background image
CBD and THC vaping products, dry herb vaporizer and healthy inhaling of cannabis concept theme with e cigarette and vape mod surrounded by marijuana buds isolated on white background

The popular method of enjoying cannabis is typically by inhaling it. Unlike ingesting edibles, inhaling is fast-acting as the effects are felt within seconds or a few minutes afterwards. Plus, you can inhale cannabis in various ways – smoking joints, pipes, bongs, cannabis vape pens, and a dry herb vaporizer.

If you prefer vaping cannabis and want to try using a dry herb vaporizer, it would be in your best interest to understand what it all entails. See the pros and cons below to know if this is your vaping method or not!

A Dry Vaporizer: What is it?

Many new cannabis vapers tend to gravitate towards cannabis vape pens with oil concentrate cartridges. However, a dry vaporizer delivers a different method and experience to vaping your cannabis. With a dry vaporizer, they come with a chamber that’s big enough to insert dry cannabis flowers instead. When they’re put inside the chamber, a dry vaporizer heats cannabis flowers to create vapour. From this method, a dry vaporizer extracts all the flavours and aromas from the dried cannabis flower that you heated.

Benefits of a Dry Vaporizer

Now you know what a dry vaporizer does, but what makes it a great vaping method compared to other cannabis vape pens? Check out a few of the benefits of using a dry vaporizer here.

Nice & Discreet

One of the biggest reasons people choose to vape is discretion. Not everyone likes the smell of cannabis. Like most cannabis vape pens, dry vaporizers don’t disappoint. With an innocuous, portable design, it also doesn’t release any small when you vape. It makes it easier to travel anywhere without you worrying about the smell bothering others.

A Healthier Inhalation

Many assume all forms of vaping are healthy. However, some oil cartridge vape pens aren’t the best for your health. They can include harmful additives, which aren’t ideal for inhaling. With a dry vaporizer, it’s a healthier form of vaping. Despite burning cannabis flowers, it doesn’t cause any damage to your throat and lungs.

Brings Rich Flavours

Another great perk of a dry vaporizer is how you experience cannabis flavours. Compared to smoking, vaping will have you enjoying certain strains in a new, better way. Since a vaporizer can control its temperature when heating a cannabis flower, it allows terpenes to be enjoyed fully. In this way, you don’t miss out on their particular benefits!

Cost-Effective High

A dry vaporizer can help you save on costs in an unexpected way. Dry vaporizers deliver stronger effects than smoking that won’t have you using and spending so much on more ganja. With fewer cannabis flowers wasted, you can not only enjoy a potent high but will help save you money down the line!

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Electric cigarette smoke

Drawbacks of a Dry Vaporizer

As you can tell, a dry vaporizer has plenty of good benefits. However, like anything, they do come with their drawbacks. Check out the following disadvantages to see if a dry vaporizer is still worth trying.

Initial Purchase Pricey

Even though a dry vaporizer can save you money on cannabis flowers, the cost of actually purchasing one can get expensive. If you’re hoping to vape often, you must be mindful of possibly replacing parts. Inexpensive options exist, but you don’t want to buy one without proper research lest you spend more money to fix a cheap dry vaporizer.

Needs Charging

Are you a particularly forgetful person? If so, you might want to rethink getting a dry vaporizer. You can certainly find vaporizers with long battery lives, but it’s hard to gauge when you’re low on battery. It’s easy to lose track of the last time you charged it, which can result in you hoping to vape but being met with a dead battery instead.

Proper Temperature a Must

The very feature that makes a dry vaporizer great can be an issue – especially for new cannabis users. If you’re unfamiliar with what temperature is best for a specific cannabis flower, you can miss out on its terpenes benefits. As a result, you won’t have the desired high that you wish out of it.

Recommended Maintenance

A common misconception people have is assuming vapes are better cause they require no maintenance. It would be best if you did it, or else you risk it breaking down on you sooner. How so? Well, uncleaned dry vaporizers can impact the quality of the vape and consequently lead to less satisfying highs.

A dry vaporizer delivers a unique vaping experience compared to other cannabis vape pens. They can come with plenty of benefits. But based on the drawbacks, it might be best for a more experienced cannabis user familiar with how temperature can affect the terpenes of a cannabis flower. Or, at the very least, someone willing to do the research before buying one. Depending on your preferences, this vaping method can give you a good high if you allow it!