Miraflora CBD Lip Balm – 25mg


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Miraflora CBD Lip Balm Take this brilliant Miraflora CBD Lip Balm wherever you go-it’s a miracle for keeping lips supple and nourished in the face of anything. Infused with a rich blend of beeswax, hemp flower extract, and antioxidant vitamin E to help shield lips from free radical damage, the moisturizing yet lightweight formula absorbs instantly. It can also be applied to cheekbones and eyelids to add a gorgeous glow. NOURISHES AND HYDRATES Made with hemp flower extract, antioxidant vitamin E, and beeswax, our lip balm hydrates seriously dry lips and protects you from the elements. About Miraflora Miraflora believes that you reap what you saw. Not in a judgy passive-aggressive way, but because they have been sowing and reaping for more than a century. At this point that is a scientifically proven statement. Born in the heart of Colorado, the 160 acres USDA Organic Certified farm is one of Colorado’s original homesteads. Each fall they carefully cultivate their hemp and handpick it. They then extract CBD oil to harness the most beneficial properties. Miraflora brings extra cuteness to their farming. They fertilize, they heat some grass but most importantly, they’re cute and fly, theyre alpacas! As mentioned earlier, the company’s philosophy is that you reap what you saw. That is why they put an extra effort into their soil. And what makes their soil unique is their fertilizer. Merlin, Jackson, and the gang work relentlessly to bring the soil, thus the hemp all the nutrient that makes its quality uncomparable.


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