Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb Duo Calming & Peace 200mg


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Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb Duo Calming & Peace 200mg These dual packs of CBD bath bombs can be used individually or together to create a full symphony of sensory experiences. The combinations are carefully selected to help you set the mood you want. Each dual pack has an approximately 200mg of CBD, or 100mg of CBD per bomb. Curate your at-home spa experience with Green Roads CBD Bath Bomb Duo Calming & Peace 200mg. Create an oasis in your own tub and escape from the days stresses with CBD bath bombs from Green Roads. Enjoy the unique wellness experience these combinations of natural oils, essences, and hemp-derived cannabinoids create. With 100mg of CBD per bath bomb, this duo of Roman chamomile and lavender each complement CBD’s power to support well-being for your body and mind. Envelop your body and ease your mind with this at-home spa experience 200mg (total) CBD for well-being in body and mind Relaxing lavender in the Peace bath bomb Soothing frankincense and Roman chamomile in the Calming bath bomb Perfect after a long day Recommended Use Unwrap your luscious bath bomb. Gently drop it onto a tub of warm water for a soothing experience. Green Roads suggests you use each individually, but, its your bath… do what makes you happy! About Green Roads Green Roads’ journey stars in 2013, long before the boom of CBD. At the time CBD products were highly controversial and very hard to get on the market. Because the companys mission is to offer a safe, effective alternative to prescription medications, including those that may lead to dependency, they persisted and got the response they deserved. Their pharmacist-licensed compounds, creams, salves, oils, and edible products are specially formulated with soothing botanicals and natural plant-based ingredients, including precise combinations of CBD. They have now grown to sell their products in over 10,000 retail locations and are ranked as the largest privately-owned CBD company in the US.


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