Highline Wellness CBD Capsule – Womens Libido 20mg 30 Count


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Highline Wellness CBD Capsule – Womens Libido Highline Wellness CBD Capsule – Womens Libido are there for the nights when dinner and a movie isn’t going to cut it. Neither will a trail of roses or the ‘Dim Your Lights’ playlist. When she knows what she wants but not everything is perfectly cooperating, our Women’s Libido Capsule is here to help you both make your move. Get in the mood and stay in the mood, all night… or afternoon… long. Features: 20mg of Isolate CBD per capsules 30 Capsules All natural Zero THC Suggested Use: We recommend one capsule 15-20 minutes before liftoff. Take capsules daily. Each Capsule contains 20mg of CBD. Take note of how your body has adapted to the cannabinoids on a daily and weekly basis and adjust your dosage based on your desired effect. For best results, we encourage you to stick with the same CBD routine for 30 days. Ingredients: Damiana Extract , Maca Extract , Ashwagandha Extract , Gingko Biloba Extract , Panax Ginseng , CBD Isolate, White Rice Flour, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate About Highline Wellness Elevate yourself with Highline Wellness. They’re on a mission to make a more pleasant world, one serving at a time. This brand provides natural, affordable, and effective CBD supplements to give everyone access to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful state of mind and body.


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