High Times CBD Dream Cream +CBN – 1500mg 3oz


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High Times CBD Dream Cream +CBN Forget counting sheep, this calming sleep cream brings the Zzzzs with ease. Featuring a unique warming complex, Arnica, tension-easing Valerian Root, and an ultra-powerful 1500mg of CBD and CBN work hard to soothe soreness away while welcoming relaxation and rest. High Times CBD Dream Cream +CBN is what your nighttime routine needs. Features Available in 3 oz with 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD and CBN Valerian root and arnica warm and relieve tension Easy and enjoyable to apply Helps welcome relaxation and rest Directions: Apply, get sleep, repeat. Why CBD + CBN? CBD and CBN, when combined, have shown added benefits for sleep quality and quantity. CBN, in particular, is a cannabinoid that offers dreamier dreams. The same goes for valerian root. In fact, this blend is the perfect way to tap into the synergistic benefits (a.k.a. the entourage effect) that our bodies are made for. In order to tap into this power, however, we have to introduce the right plant compounds in the right formulations. And the experts at High Times have nailed it! About High Times CBD Direct CBD Online is thrilled to offer High Times® CBD products from the one and only High Times Magazine – the resource for all things cannabis. In fact, High Times® is the cannabis news, entertainment, and activism hub that began in 1974. Featuring original work from Truman Capote and Charles Bukowski, they thrive to present the public with the latest information, research, and advocacy for the legal and safe cannabis industry. Now, they also provide the public with safe and targeted CBD products. From knocking out pain to catching better Zzzzs, High Times®’s stash is the ultimate source that may help you feel better. They trust the plant perfection to bring relief that’s just right, no matter what – but sometimes a buzz just isn’t what we need. Furthermore, all High Times® products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of GMOs, parabens, PEGs, gluten, and dyes.


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