THC-Free Water Soluble CBD Isolate + Terpenes 1350mg

With all the advantages of CBD, this tincture offers undetectable quantities of THC. Excellent for anyone who wants to completely avoid THC, including athletes, drivers, public servants, and athletes.Note: Hemplucid no longer sells vape products, but


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Fast-acting and adaptable, this best-selling tincture. This Water Soluble can be used as you choose to receive the desired effect: mix it with a beverage, place it under your tongue, or vape it.Our proprietary nano electrolyte blend, which is only present in our Water Soluble products, embeds water nanoclusters into the formulation to increase absorption rates.This product is distinct from a full-spectrum tincture because it has no detectable THC content. In order to provide you with as many advantages as possible without having to worry about THC, we reintroduce terpenes (the chemicals responsible for aroma) into this isolation tincture.Recommended UseThe best approach to find out if this tincture is right for you is to use it consistently. To truly notice the product’s efficacy, we advise using it every day for 30 days.This 30-day Water Soluble Tincture is intended to be used orally (1 serving per day). Pair the tincture with another product, such as our organic THC-free broad-spectrum CBD in MCT oil, if your container doesn’t last 30 days.


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