Hitt Maxx Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen


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Experience creamy banana flavor with a minty menthol twist at 50mg nic salt in Hitt Maxx Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen. Each one is non-refillable with about 1800 puffs. Buy today at Cheap eJuice! Banana Ice Disposable by Hitt Maxx Disposables Brand: Hitt Disposables / Puff Count: 1800 / Flavor: Menthol Enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience with the Hitt Maxx Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen! Instead of stressing over your low battery or lugging around heavy hardware and spare bottles of e-juice, now you can enjoy the slim and discrete device that easily fits into a purse or pocket. The device comes with up to 1800 puffs and should be responsibly recycled once the puffs are depleted. Each device features a 5% nicotine blend along with frosty banana flavor. We headed to Antarctica to see the famed frozen banana tree located in the heart of the icy wilderness. We trekked for hours and had nearly given up hope when we finally discovered the elusive banana tree. Snow monkeys were sleeping peacefully nearby, so we took great care to not disturb their slumber. We filled our bags with the icy bananas until they were bursting at the seams. We tried to make a stealthy getaway, but the monkeys must have known something was amiss! Halfway back to our ship, the silence was shattered by angry monkey shrieks. We dodged frozen snowballs and sharp icicles and barely managed to escape the furious monkeys and their barrage of snowy weapons. We stuffed the frozen bananas into the device you see before you and present it to you today, full of frosty banana goodness. Enjoy the Hitt Maxx Banana Ice Disposable Vape Pen from Cheap eJuice today and fill your day with chilled banana clouds!


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