Not Ya Sons Weed D8 Disposable Vape – Gelato 2ML


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SKU: 8723600290123873

NYSW x FLER come together to bring YOU the best smoking experience a cartridge can offer. With the Purity and Potency of NYSW Delta 8 distillate and Terpene blend, combined with industry-leading technology behind FLER, every toke is a token of delicious experiences in your everlasting memory bank. Nobody knows high quality Distillate like Not Ya Sons Weed. We use a 95%25 Delta-8 THC distillate to mix with a 5%25 Botanical Terpene blend to bring you a pure experience with every hit. We never use cutting agents like pg, vg, or vape flavoring. You can always expect a perfect taste and an effect that will leave you wanting more! Hybrid Sweet, Mixed Berry, Cream Balance, Focus, Clarity 2000 mg Delta 8 THC


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