ORO – Disposable Vape Device – Cherry Lemonade – Single / 50mg

ORO – Disposable Vape Device – Cherry Lemonade


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SKU: 7164901043017674

Fans of our Lemonade flavored E-liquid are in for a familiar taste with a delightful twist in this new flavor! ORO’s e-liquid device blends together the classic sour tang of Lemonade with the extra sweet undertone of cherry to create a refreshing combo unlike any other flavor thus far. Providing an unforgettable experience even to veteran vapers, this new flavor will make you forget about all others in your collection. With 5% nicotine and an average of 300 hits ORO’s e-liquid device is perfect for vapers with a specific taste. Giving users an unmatched experience, this e-liquid device will quickly become your new favorite in no time.


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