SWFT Bar Guava Berry Ice Disposable Vape Pen


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The SWFT Bar Guava Berry Ice Disposable Vape Pen combines rich guava, sweet berries, and refreshing menthol in a single puff. Never worry about recharging or refilling your vape device again, thanks to this slim and discrete disposable device from eJuice.Deals! Brand: SWFT / Puff Count: 3000 / Nicotine: 50mg / Flavor: Fruit, Menthol Full Flavor Description The SWFT Bar Guava Berry Ice Disposable Vape Pen is a delightful blend of two distinct fruit flavors and refreshing menthol in a slim vape disposable. If you’re tired of carrying around bulky vape hardware, chubby vape juice bottles, and charged batteries, you’re in luck! This device never needs to be refilled or recharged, and can supply up to 3000 puffs. Once the puffs are depleted, you can easily recycle the device and start using a new one. Each device comes prefilled with 1.3mL of 5% synthetic nicotine salt e-juice, icy guava flavor, and frosty berry sweetness. We traveled to the ends of the earth to harvest these frosty fruits. The chill of winter had nestled into the core of the guavas, transforming the tropical fruit into an icy delight. We gathered hundreds of ripe berries that were frozen solid from the cold, yet still carried that deliciously sweet flavor underneath the crisp ice. We crushed these fruits into a fruity cocktail and poured them into a disposable vape device to be enjoyed by vapers across the country. Treat your taste buds to the cold and refreshing flavor of frozen guava and icy mixed berries with every puff of The SWFT Bar Guava Berry Ice Disposable Vape Pen, available today at eJuice.Deals!


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