CBG FTP Uncut X3 810mg Vape Kit Set With Battery and Charger

CBG FTP Uncut X3 810mg (Full Gram) + BATTERY KIT: One-CartridgeNote: * Cannot use coupon code with BOGO items.


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SKU: 6333100178984556

Finally, the king of cannabinoids has been captured for your vaping pleasure.CBG (cannabigerol) is the parent molecule of all hemp-derived benefits, and it has just as much promise as CBD. We’ve observed it act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and neuroprotective chemical in preliminary research. The experts are crying “further research is needed,” but that didn’t stop us with CBD, and it won’t stop us now!To be clear, CBG has always been a fundamental component of our full-spectrum hemp products, so it’s not really “new.” We’ve stuffed a WHOLE BUNCH of it into a slick new edition of our never-before-replicated X3 vape kit. Give it a shot and see what this incredible cannabinoid can accomplish when cranked up to 11!


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