Eclipse – E-Liquid Collection – 180ml – 180ml / 0mg

Eclipse – E-Liquid Collection – 180ml

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Each Eclipse – E-Liquid Collection contains the following:(1) 60ml Lost Art Liquids – Space Rockz A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy!(1) 60ml Bomb Sauce E-Liquid – Alien Piss An intensely refreshing vape that will consistently satisfy the craving for something different, perhaps even alien, throughout your day. As the cooling sensation of an ice cold lemonade dances accross your tongue, nuances of blueberries and raspberries will leave you wondering, “How could something this deliciously peculiar possibly come from this planet?”(1) 60ml Bomb Sauce E-Liquid – Alien Piss 2 Alien Piss 2 from Bomb Sauce E-Juice features a mouth watering tart lemonade flavor like the original but with mixed with a sweet strawberry exhale that will leave you hooked after your first taste.(1) 30ml Chubby Gorilla BottleBUNDLE TERMS: Product Bundles are excluded from all sales, discount codes, and other special promotions.


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