Candy King On Ice Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum eJuice


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Take your taste buds to a candy kingdom as you take a puff this e-juice that brings a delicious blend of sweet strawberry with a twist of fresh watermelons stuffed into the centre of a sugary sphere of bubble gum. Try Strawberry Watermelon Bubble gum e-juice to have an out of this world candy adventure. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice eJuice by Candy King Brand: Candy King / Size: 100ml / Flavor: Menthol Whose mouth doesn’t water at the thought of chewy bubble-gum that gushes with juicy strawberry and watermelon flavor? Candy King on Ice Strawberry Watermelon features cold and sweet watermelons paired with freshly picked strawberries stuffed into the center of a sugary sphere of bubble gum all iced over to bring you that juicy mentholated flavor. Strawberry Watermelon bubble-gum vape juice delivers a one-two punch of fruity bubble-gum followed by deeply refreshing mint. Now Strawberry Watermelon vape juice is not just perfect for those who enjoy the warmness of a summer day, but it’s also for those who craved cold breeze. This e-juice has a flavor profile of large sugared chunks of watermelon freshly hewn, each chunk glistening with sticky watermelon juice. This flavor will make your taste buds water because it has the right amount of sweetness and the right hit of cold arctic breeze. When you inhale Ice Strawberry Watermelon, it is the luscious flavor of a sweet blitz of an authentic strawberry vape juice flavor that will smother your tongue. The sweet crisp of watermelon follows afterwards washing away the strawberry. There is no need to worry because the sweet and tart you feel on throat hit will be balanced by the icy feeling that comes after. Mentholated e-juice lovers will surely join the hype upon first taste, now it’s up to you if you wanna join their game.


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