Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Kiwi Melon Iced Ejuice


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Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Kiwi Melon Iced eJuice seems like an unusual flavor pairing, but it might just become your newest all-day favorite! The taste of frosty kiwis and icy melons collide with varying strengths of synthetic nicotine for a deliciously crisp and smooth cloud. Luckily, you can pick up your 100mL bottle at Cheap eJuice for an amazing price! Kiwi Melon ICED eJuice by Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Brand: Cloud Nurdz / Bottle Size: 100ml / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Kiwi Melon Iced eJuice delivers the sweet flavor of summer kiwis and fresh melons along with a crisp blast of winter in every puff. Crafted with the all-day vaper in mind, this delicious eJuice features a synthetic nicotine formula to allow for a smoother throat hit and purer flavor compared to traditional nicotine. To start this delicious flavor, we trekked to a sprawling kiwi patch in the heart of winter, intent on gathering as many of the snowy fruits as we could find. We brushed the freshly fallen snow off the furry fruits and cracked open each frozen kiwi to reveal the deep green flesh within. Next, we headed to a country melon patch, where the first winter snowfall had nearly buried the swollen fruits under a thick blanket of snow. We lugged the frozen melons into our wheelbarrows and carted off several of them back to our vape labs. We carved the icy melons into thick chunks and added in several slices of frozen kiwis. We stuffed the chilled fruits into the 100mL bottle you see before you, and added a touch of synthetic nicotine to deliver a mouthwatering flavor you won’t be able to resist. Treat your taste buds to the cold and sweet flavor of ripe green kiwis, hearty melon, and icy menthol in a single puff with Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Kiwi Melon Iced eJuice, available now in 100mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg synthetic nicotine strength at Cheap eJuice!


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