Reds Grape Juice Ejuice


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Grape Ejuice by Red’s Apple Ejuice features a juicy cluster of fresh concord grapes, freshly picked from Italy’s finest vineyards! Revel in the sweet flavor of freshly crushed grape juice in eliquid form! Fruit lovers everywhere will appreciate the authentic crisp flavor of plump grapes in every cloud! Brand: Reds Apple / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Reds Apple Grape Ejuice Description Take a cloudy journey to the vineyards of Italy, where fat and juicy clusters of grapes dangle on overhanging vines. Reach out your hand and pluck the fresh fruit right from their trestles, and savor the smooth and refreshing sweetness of each plump globe. These sweet fruits deliver the exotic flavor of Italy, complete with the ruddy sweetness of the wild. Bathe your taste buds in the juicy flavor of freshly picked grapes that are wonderfully prevalent in each cloud. These sweet grapes are picked at the peak of freshness, ripened to a deep purple in the heat of the Italian sunshine. Each fat grape bursts with rich fruit flavor and promises to satisfy your fruit cravings with a single puff. Feast on a cloud of warm and juicy grape goodness, each puff more flavorful than the last. While Red’s Ejuice may have started out with a fresh apple flavor, they’ve expanded their authentic fruit flavor into the grape realm! A smooth and juicy cloud of grape sweetness awaits you in this 60mL bottle, begging to unleash the full power of grape flavor on your taste buds! Fruit vape juice lovers everywhere will fall in love with this eliquid, thanks to its sweet grape flavor!


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