NicSelect Pure Liquid Nicotine* – 1 Liter

NicSelect Pure Liquid Nicotine*


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THIS STRENGTH IS HAZMAT AND WILL SHIP GROUNDNicotine River proudly stocks the NicSelect™ pure nicotine liquid product manufactured by Alchem International, a respected phytoceuticals company that produces NicSelect™ in a facility that is both FDA and USP certified. We are an authorized NicSelect™ distributor. For e-juice producers wondering where to buy pure liquid nicotine products and other materials for making flavored e-cig liquids, Nicotine River is an industry leader. Alchem International’s Nicotine USP/EP liquid is isolated from natural tobacco leaves by a series of extraction and purification stages specifically developed to give e-liquid manufacturers an all-natural (non-synthetic) and superior organic nicotine liquid. This organic nicotine liquid provides that soft throat hit and mixes very well with flavoring concentrates and other ingredients. If you’re looking to create premium flavored e-liquid with nicotine, this will take your product to the next level. Warning: Nicotine in all forms and strengths can be toxic or deadly to human health if handled or used improperly. Always use caution and proper safety equipment when mixing/handling this product in any form (even if diluted). This product is recommend for businesses that follow up-to-date safety regulations and proper handling techniques. Before handling Pure Nicotine, if you or others around you have questions or concerns please call us at (805)-791-3304 for more information. Our hours of operation are: 8AM-4:45PM PST.Strength : 1000mg Reach Number: 17-2120044620-68-0000 Origin: India Kosher: Certified Chemical Formula: C10H14N2 CAS#: 54-11-5 Purity: 100.1% – 100.5% Color: Clear to Pale Yellow EC Number: 200-193-3


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