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Blue Razz eJuice from BSX Salts by Glas Vapor is a refreshing blend of juicy blueberries and fresh raspberries that will kick any fruity craving. Treat your taste buds to the magical fusion of a famous fruit duo: blue raspberries! This delightful flavor promises to last you all day long! Brand: Glas BSX Nic Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Nicotine: 30mg/50mg / Flavor Type: Fruit Glas BSX Nic Salts Blue Razz Ejuice Description You ever munch on a blue raspberry flavor and wonder how it was created? Blue Razz eJuice by BSX Salts by Glas Vapor explains exactly how this flavor is crafted, so be prepared to have your mouth water with desire! The tricky business of creating blue raspberries starts with two distinct flavors: blueberries and raspberries. The supple blueberries and soft raspberries are gathered in wild brambles that surround the Glas Vapor labs. We picked as may of these berries as we could carry, and trundled back inside to our kitchen. We dumped the berries into a beaker, added a touch of magic, and waved our magic wand. Vape-o, presto, alakazam! The blueberries and raspberries were gone, leaving stunning blue razz e-liquid in its place! We eagerly filled our tanks with the magical e-liquid and played in the delicious blue raspberry clouds that filled the air. Now, thanks to Blue Razz eJuice by BSX Salts by Glas Vapor, you can too! Feast on a rich and fruity blend of sweet and tangy blue raspberries for as long as your heart desires! This blue razz vape juice promises to satisfy your cravings for something sugary sweet with just a single puff! WARNING: Nicotine Salts are compatible with any NON sub-ohm device but, we highly recommend using it with a refillable pod system. This flavor is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices.


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