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Aqua Synthetic Pure Menthol eJuice is a bold fusion of frozen strawberry, icy apple, and chilled watermelon flavors. Feast on the best of both winter and summer with one puff of this luscious flavor, now available in 60mL bottles at 3mg and 6mg synthetic nicotine strength at eJuice Deals. Brand: Aqua Synthetic / Bottle Size: 60ml / Flavor Type: Sweet, Menthol Aqua Synthetic Pure Menthol Ejuice Description For clouds flavored with the purity of winter fruits in every puff, check out Aqua Synthetic Pure Menthol eJuice! This delicious fusion of summer fruits and winter menthol flavors comes with a blend of synthetic nicotine. The use of synthetic nicotine allows for a purer, refreshing flavor sans the harsh throat hit that traditional nicotine is known for. Instead of coughing on an overwhelming kick of nicotine and losing much of that sweet fruit flavor, now, you can enjoy a deliciously refreshing blast of winter fruits in every puff! We started off with icy strawberries, picked in the heart of winter from snow-capped berry brambles. The frozen berries glittered like rubies against the pure white snow and instantly captured our taste buds’ attention with the very first taste. Next, we found chilled winter apples. These arctic apples were coated with a thick sheet of ice, trapping the luscious autumn flavor within and delighting our taste buds with the refreshing flavor. Lastly, we discovered cool watermelons. The iconic summer fruit had been transformed into an icy masterpiece, delivering rousing flavor to anyone bold enough to try it. These three frozen fruits came together to create a pure and icy flavor that your taste buds will fall in love with over and over again. Grab your 60mL bottle at eJuice Deals now and choose from either 3mg or 6mg of synthetic nicotine strength!


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