Smoking Safely- How To Smoke Cannabis The Healthy Way

weed cigarette image

Smoking is one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption. It gets you a quick kick and keeps you high long enough for an excellent experience. But there is a lurking apprehension that it may hurt your lungs.

Thankfully, you need not worry about them if you do your thing right. Rather, you can focus on the therapeutic benefits that a puff on your bong can deliver, from a pleasurable buzz to deep relaxation, pain relief, and more. Let us show you the ways to smoke cannabis safely.

Know the equipment basics

Smoking is a recommended consumption method for newbies as it offers you a relatively easier dosage control. However, you need to understand the equipment options to start with and pick the one that works for you. The options include packing a one-hitter pipe, rolling it into a joint, and using a bong.

Each of the methods requires a degree of expertise, so it is vital to get some training from a seasoned user before doing it on your own. You may also try vaping if you want to start low and slow before you switch to smoking.

Check the strain

Smoking safely also requires using the right strain that matches your expectations. Consider the objective for smoking weed and pick a strain accordingly. You can opt for a THC-high strain if looking for psychoactive effects, while a CBD-rich strain works as a wellness aid.

You can get more specific recommendations from experienced users and budtenders as well. For example, purple candy strain is ideal for promoting relaxation and euphoria. Stick to a strain that is right for your needs, and you can have a perfectly safe experience.

Stick to safe dosage

Dosage is perhaps the most critical aspect of smoking safely. As a rule of thumb, you must smoke only as much as you are comfortable with. Stop right away when you experience irritation or seem to get too high. For first-time smokers, a couple of puffs are enough to give you the effects of weed. It is best to wait a few minutes after the initial hits and see if you can take more.

After a few sessions, you will have a better idea of your tolerance levels and will be able to tailor your doses accordingly. While beginners need to be careful during the initial sessions, even seasoned users must dose carefully when you try a new strain.

Avoid inhaling during ignition

Igniting joints is quite similar to lighting cigarettes and cigars, but inhaling differs a bit because you are dealing with cannabis, not tobacco. Avoid inhaling when you ignite the joint as the sudden hit may irritate your throat. Moreover, the fast-burning herb does not taste great and may end up spoiling your overall experience, which is the last thing you will want to happen.

Smoking weed safely is perfectly doable, provided that you are willing to take some precautions. Just go the extra mile by following these tips, and you can do it the healthy way!