Smoking To Vaping- 5 Good Reasons To Make The Switch

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When it comes to the methods of cannabis consumption, vaping is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking. It is a novel technique that involves heating cannabis (oil or dried herb) to below-combustion temperatures to get vapors you can inhale.

The method requires the right equipment and accessories such as vape pens and cartridges. Before you consider a switch from smoking to vaping, you will need to have some good reasons for the transition. Let us explain why you should make the switch sooner rather than later. 

Convenience and discretion 

If you have always struggled to find the cannabis consumption method that is both convenient and discreet, vaping has you sorted out. A disposable vape pen is easy to carry anywhere, and you need not do much to use it effectively. Some are draw-activated, while others work only by pressing a button.

Moreover, they come with prefilled cartridges that already have cannabis oil, so you need not carry it along. Since vape pens are handy, you can store them easily and travel with them. You can use them discreetly, even on the move. 

No smoke, no hassle

Vaping does not produce smoke, which means that you can do it inconspicuously. It does not involve burning weed, so there are no harmful effects on your lungs as in the case of smoking tobacco. Smoking exposes you to carcinogenic compounds, which can be detrimental to your respiratory health in the long run.

Besides, weed smoke has a strong odor that can linger on your clothes. Vaping is a far better alternative as it cuts down the odor as well as the harmful effects of smoking.

Stronger flavors 

Smoking involves the combustion of weed, which can cause a burnt smell that often overpowers the aroma and flavor of the product. With vaping, however, you only heat it below the combustion temperature. You can experience the most amazing flavors at their best with this milder method of consumption.

Everything boils down to finding the right strain and product. You can explore to find new strains with diverse flavors. Vaping lets you get a distinctive feel from each of the products and nail the ones that you really like. 

More control

Another reason why you should opt for vaping instead of smoking is the control it offers. High-quality vape pens have adjustable heating settings, so you can easily find the temperature which gives the best results according to your preference.

By adjusting the settings of your vape pen, you can also have greater control over the cannabinoids levels you extract with each puff.


Although this technique requires you to make some initial investment in the equipment, you end up saving in the long run. The effects of vaping are better as it is a slow process, so you need to burn less to get a similar level of high as with smoking.

Moreover, you can reuse the vaped bud for making tea or edibles because it isn’t fully burnt. Surely, this is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

If you haven’t tried your hand at vaping yet, you have good reasons to do it now. Go ahead and try this amazing method right away!