STLTH Vs. JUUL: Top 7 Advantages of STLTH

STLTH VAPE-Max-Quality

STLTH and JUUL hold the distinction of being two of the most popular pod systems available on the market. Both the devices have the same basic design, which means they are both made to look like a cigarette and have the same amount of draw and vapor. Both are suitable for beginners, especially people who want to go from smoking to vaping. 

Does that mean you can choose any one of the two and get the same experience? The answer is no. While JUUL is undoubtedly a great product that has been around for a longer time and has many users, STLTH is a lot better than it in multiple ways. Be it the range of flavors or the longer battery life, STLTH has surpassed JUUL in more ways than one.

On that note, let’s run a comparison between the products today and take a look at the seven ways STLTH makes for a much better choice.

1. More Cost-Effective Option Compared to JUUL

STLTH is way more cost-effective than JUUL, be it purchasing the starter kit or the replacement pods. STLTH vape starter kit will cost you around $15.03 at any online, while the JUUL starter kit will set you back by $48.86.

A pack of four STLTH replacement pods will cost you around $12.02; on the other hand, a similar pack of JUUL replacement pods will cost you nearly $15.78. You can clearly understand that STLTH is a more viable option when it comes to the pocket pinch. Besides this, to get the bang for the buck, first-time vapers can also try safe, reliable CBD vape pens and reap similar benefits.

2. STLTH Offers a Greater Variety of Flavors

Flavors are one of the crucial aspects of vaping, and STLTH understands it all too well. You get to choose between 22 flavors when it comes to STLTH pods. The most popular flavors are tundra berry, crisp apple, frost, strawberry, mango, berry blast, tobacco blend, and honeydew menthol. These flavors are found with 20 mg, 35 mg, or 50 mg of nicotine.

JUUL is quite a big disappointment when you compare it with the flavor options of STLTH. It only has six flavors found with 18 mg, 35 mg, and 59 mg of nicotine. Though the STLTH starter kit comes with two pods and JUUL with four, consider the number of options you get afterward.

3. STLTH Pods Taste Much Better Than JUUL

You might think that having more flavors is not a guarantee for better flavors. You are right, but STLTH has got that covered as well. Though taste preferences differ from one person to another, there is a consensus that STLTH pods are more savory and a bit deeper than the JUUL ones.

The pod hits are smoother than JUUL, and they don’t give you such an intense throat hit like the JUUL pods. If you are looking for flavor suggestions for STLTH, make sure you try out their popular pods like Berry Blast, Honeydew Menthol, Mango, and Tobacco Blend, and also you can go for many other best e-juices online.

4. The Battery Capacity of STLTH Is Way Better

The 200 mAh battery of JUUL is no match for the vast 420 mAh that STLTH has to offer. Probably, the battery capacity is the most significant difference between these two vaping devices. Every JUUL pod contains only .7 ml of e-liquid, whereas each STLTH pod includes 2 ml of e-liquid.

While you can easily use STLTH for more than a day before you need to recharge it, JUUL will only last for a day based on your use. And, charging the device every single day is quite the hassle. When the battery is full, STLTH can offer 250 puffs at a minimum, whereas even at full battery capacity, you will get only 200 puffs from JUUL.

5. Comes With a More Efficient Battery Life Indicator

There is an LED light that works as the battery life indicator for both STLTH and JUUL, but there is a slight difference in how the indicator works. You will need to tap on the device for activating the battery life indicator in JUUL. The light will show as either red, yellow, or green based on the battery level.

However, the LED light for STLTH flashes each time you take a puff and shows up as orange or white based on the battery level. It might seem like a minor factor, but it is convenient to know the next time you need to charge without remembering to tap the device.It is the same way how a modern dab pen works.

6. It Is Easier To Charge STLTH than JUUL

The convenience factor is taken care of by STLTH even when it comes to the ease of charging. Though both the devices use micro USB, JUUL does not come with a micro USB cable. Instead, it relies on a charging dock.

You need to be careful and not misplace the JUUL charger, because you will have to go out and rebuy it. On the other hand, the micro USB cable of STLTH can be easily plugged in any charging dock. So, that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

7. Spit-Back Is Not a Big Issue With STLTH

Spit-back, or spitting, refers to the occasional super-hot e-liquid droplets that shoot in the user’s mouth at the time of vaping. It occurs when the e-liquid pools on the coil. The e-liquid gets heated instead of being vaporized. Think of it like a pot full of boiling water.

To be honest, spit-back is an issue that both STLTH and JUUL have. But, while the issue persists only with the Blue Raspberry pod of STLTH, all the pods of JUUL give a lot of spit-back. As any user will tell you, it’s annoying to deal with spit-backs.

Summing Up

STLTH and JUUL work the same way. Though both the devices are made of metal and come with plastic pods, the differences between battery size, flavors, prices, and more make the former a better choice. In spite of being a bit thicker and taller than JUUL, STLTH is incredibly famous among the vapers due to its matte texture and gorgeous colors.

Of course, JUUL will also give you incredible vaping pleasure, but if you want to get more bangs for your buck along with a fantastic experience, opt for STLTH. So, if you are a beginner buying your first starter kit, go for STLTH.