SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod Review

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SX Mini G Class is a box mod that experienced vapers will appreciate most of all. It’s a device you can adjust and tune so that it meets your vaping needs and style perfectly.

If you like TC mode vaping most of all, and need an accurate chipset, this vape might be just the thing you are looking for. If vaping is still new for you, this box mod might be too much. You will need to learn some basics to be able to get the most out of this mod.

What’s in the Box

If you are looking for the finest box mod on the market, the SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod is probably it. When you get your purchase, it will come in a frosted sleeve box. It’s simple yet very elegant-looking. There is a mod, wrapped in a shrink wrap, inside the box, and its accessories.

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YIHI SXMINI G CLASS 200W box imageThe SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod kit package includes:

– 1x SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod;
– 1x USB Type C;
– 1x charging/data cable (nylon braided, gold plated);
– 1x operation manual.

Even though the mod is targeted at advanced TC vapers, the SX Mini G Class manual is very well-written, and even beginner vapers can easily get things right with it.

The charging’data cable of the mod will help you get the SX Mini G Class firmware updates quickly and easily as they roll in.

Vapor Production

One of the most important things about any vape is the vapor production. With SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod, you will get excellent results with every coil. With this mod, enjoying thick clouds of flavorful vapor will be like falling off a log.

YIHI SXMINI G CLASS 200W display imageWhat’s even better, the battery life of this mod will let you enjoy the process longer than with the next popular box mod.

Features and Peculiarities

This mod has a stylish carbon fiber exterior and an OLED display that lets you change the wallpaper. With this vape, you will stand out from the crowd for sure.

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Yihi SX Mini G Class is quite an impressive device when it comes to its features. Check out for yourself.

YIHI SXMINI G CLASS 200W colors imageFeatures:

– Colors: black golden limited edition, luxury gold edition, classic black, Camo edition – forest/black, Camo edition – urban/titanium, Camo edition – ocean/black chrome, carbon fiber, Kevlar edition – red, Kevlar edition – navy, Kevlar edition – black, coffee brown leather, black leather;
– Accurate SX550J chipset;
– Temperature range: 212 to 572°F;
– Wattage: up to 200W;
– Resistance: 0.15 – 3.0 Ohm;
– Voltage: 9.5 V;
– Coils: stainless steel, nickel, and titanium;
– 2 amp charging;
– Ergonomic hexagonal firing button;
– Safety features: polarity protection, low resistance, overheat and overcharge protection, battery meters, atomizer short warnings;
– 510 threading (connects to the 30mm atomizers easily);
– Colored OLED screen with wallpapers;
– Bluetooth compatibility;
– Stylish design.

OLED Features

The SX Mini G Class 200W has an OLED screen display. With this display, you can easily find and activate any settings you might need.

On the screen of the mod, you can see wattage, temperature, volts, resistance, mode, battery life, and presets in a real-time mode. You can adjust the brightness of this beautiful screen as well. You can choose your wallpaper from the thirty preset images.

Joystick Controls

A joystick is used to control the menu of the screen. With the joystick, it’s very easy to scroll through the settings and pick the ones you need quickly.

YIHI SXMINI G CLASS 200W firing button imageSince the mod is Bluetooth-compatible, you can control it with your smartphone from the iOS or Android app. Even though you can set up the mod from the OLED screen directly, we believe that doing it in the app is still faster and more convenient.

Menu System of the SX Mini G Class

The joystick control is not the only part of the mod that you will need to get used to. The menu system of this mod is not intuitive and might seem puzzling at first. In a day or two, you will, most likely, get used to it and forget that you had any trouble whatsoever. Here are the main functions of the menu and how to activate them:

– To turn the mod after installing the new batteries: 5 clicks;
– To lock the mod and show the clock: 3 clicks;
– To unlock the mod: 3 clicks;
– To lock the resistance: push and hold the joystick;
– To access the functions: press the fire button five times (works when the mod is on);
– To adjust the screen brightness: push up the joystick.

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Main screen functions:

– To scroll between temperature, coil material, joules, and wattage: push the joystick in;
– To adjust the presets: push the joystick to the left;
– To adjust between the modes: push the joystick to the right and then right again.

As you can see, some moves are not likely to be intuitive, but after you repeat them several times, they are very likely to become second nature.

Chipset Features

The chipset of this box mod is compatible with Yihi’s SxiQ software. However, it does not work well with escribe, which is quite a bummer for such an expensive and innovative mod.

SX Mini G Class Competitors

The SX Mini G Class box mod has a few strong rivals on the market. The first of them is the Aspire Speeder. This box mod is, however, not as firmly built as the SX Mini G Class.

One more rival of this box mod is the Laisimo Defender. The latter offers much less customization than the former. As you can see, it all boils down to determining what you are looking for in a box mod and then finding a product that offers it.

Pros and Cons of SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod

An SX Mini G Class review wouldn’t be complete without a list of the pros and cons of the reviewed product. Without further ado, here’s what to expect from this box mod:


– Powerful vape battery;
– Bluetooth compatibility;
– High customization;
– Coil variety;
– Abundance of features;


– High price;
– Coil type is not detected automatically;
– Poor escribe compatibility;
– No custom wallpapers.

There is one more thing that is an advantage and a disadvantage depending on your viewpoint. Some vapers might object to joystick control since it’s very uncommon for vapes to have it. Usually, there are just “+” and “-” buttons.

Other users might enjoy the joystick more and welcome it as an original controls solution. Anyways, the joystick works well, it is both solid and clicky, and that’s what matters most.

Final Thoughts

The SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box Mod is a device that looks, feels and works great. We are sure that as for now, it is the finest and the most functional mass-produced box mod. It is a high-end mod that is meant to deliver an ultimate vaping experience to the advanced TC vapers.

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We have to agree that it is not a must-have product for every vaper. Someone vaping in power mode only is not likely to appreciate it. This product is most suitable for experienced TC enthusiasts who love high customization and precise settings. Even though this mod has several disadvantages, the cons outweigh them for sure, and it is still one of the best products on the market now.

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