The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for a Healthier High

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for a Healthier High-Max-Quality image

If you walk into your local store today to get a vaporizer, you might be confused by the number of options. Some people just stick to their usual brand and design to avoid the inconvenience of choosing a new device. But what if you want to get a healthier option?

Finding the right vaporizer for a healthier high can be challenging with the array of devices available nowadays. So, how do you pick the right device, and what features should you look for? You can check this list for the best portable dry herb vaporizers.

What Makes Dry Herb Vaporizers Better?

There is little difference between your dry herb vaporizer and the other vape devices. The only difference is that dry herb vaporizers can burn grounded cannabis flower buds while the others require cannabis oil extracts.

Users of dry herb vaporizers simply want to avoid the issues that come with using oil vapes. Some of these oils contain harmful chemicals that can damage the lungs. Of course, you could use tinctures and edibles to get high, but their challenge is dosing. It is difficult to determine the right dosage when using these options.

Dry herb vaporizers deliver the high with an almost immediate effect, and you can tune the dose to your desire.

Qualities of a Good Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer, you need a device that does not burn but just heats the marijuana buds. The result should be an aerosol with all the active constituents of marijuana. This will give a better high because of the cannabis’ entourage effect.

Dry herb vaporizers can be portable or desktop. A typical vaporizer has a mouthpiece, a material chamber, and a battery. However, the desktop version has additional features because it has greater performance power. If you want a reliable dry herb vaporizer, choose devices whose heating elements are made of stainless steel, quartz, or ceramic.

How to Choose the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers


Safety should be your primary concern when vaping. Vaporizer technology has quite advanced over the last few years, and the devices are now more efficient and safer. People used to worry about their vaporizers exploding in their pockets, but those fears are no more. Buy your device from a certified manufacturer, and you’ll be okay.

When considering safety, go for bigger vaporizers. Why, yet you need portability and convenience? Small vapes like vape pens tend to explode because they lack room for combustion or effective temperature control due to their small ovens.

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Vaporization occurs at around 350oF while combustion at 400oF to 950oF. The best vaping device should maintain the temperature below the combustion point. The sweet spot is just below 390oF.

If your vaporizer hits a temperature above 450oC, it will end up combusting rather than vaporizing your flower. In such a case, it will overheat the terpenes, and it may also expose your lungs to carcinogens. This means you need a device with tight temperature control.


You now understand the advantages of a desktop vaporizer over a portable one. But portability and convenience are also important factors that drive people into vaping. If you are home a lot and the only vape at home, it would be advisable to buy a desktop vaporizer. But if you travel a lot, it may not be a viable option.

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Many portable devices also come with various designs and sizes that can help you get a healthier high despite their size. If you can get a bigger portable device that fits perfectly in your pockets, that would be a better option.

Temperature Control and oven Capacity

Temperature control is vital for safety and delivering a healthier high. Many brands come with pre-set temperatures; so, you can’t adjust the settings to your liking. But if you shop around, you’ll find brands that enable temperature settings. Choose a device that offers precise temperature control. This will enable you to adjust the temperature with as little as a single degree.

You also want to ensure that the device can heat up fast. That is the essence of portability. You need a device that can be ready in less than a minute. An ideal portable dry herb vaporizer should take about 20 seconds to heat up.

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Oven capacity is also critical because it determines the length of your sessions. You will have to keep adding more of the herb if you have a small oven. An oven capacity of 0.15 to 0.5 grams should suffice.

Battery Life

How long the battery lasts is an important factor. If you are traveling, you need a battery that can go for hours without charging. Most vaporizers use 18650 mAh lithium-ion batteries as a standard, which should have enough power.

If you need higher frequencies, you might want to get a device with a more powerful battery. Rechargeable batteries are even better if they are removable because you can always carry more than one to swap when necessary.

Final Thought!

It may be hard to find a portable device that is affordable and can offer a healthier high. The smaller the device, the more difficult it is to control the temperature. Many devices in the market that can deliver a strong flavor and good clouds come at a high price. But if you can afford them, they offer the healthiest high.