The Millionaire’s Guide On E-Cigs To Help You Get Rich

The Millionaire's Guide On E-Cigs image

Have you ever given a thought or two to start your own E-cigs business? If you didn’t, perhaps you should, as you can easily make quite a decent sum of money by selling your own vaping equipment. Crafting your own e-liquid isn’t actually rocket science and doesn’t take much to do it either. 

Getting your own equipment for vaping is one thing, but monetizing your efforts is a whole different deal. Let’s share some money-making wisdom that will turn your e-cigs business into a prosperous plan for a brighter future.

Introduction to the e-cigs market

The e-cigs market is swarming with competition and thousands of devices, e-liquids, and whatnot. Becoming successful in such an overwhelmed business environment will be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. 

If you’ve been producing your own e-cigs and liquids for a while now, the first step you should take is introducing your offer to the e-cigs market, to attract your target audience.

Every start is tough, and there will be many obstacles along the way, but don’t let that turn you away from successfully turning your e-cigs deal into a money-making machine.

Be ready to spend some real money

Money takes money to make more money. In other words, get out thy wallet and be prepared to go big buck, if necessary. You’ll need to invest in your e-cigs business to make it thrive. There will be two major expenses in your business bill: ingredients and equipment.

Crafting your own liquids for e-cigs will need a lot of trial and error until you come up with a perfect formula. It requires 250mL bottles of VG and PG, as well as the common 10mL bottles of concentrates. 

The most recommended move is to purchase enough ingredients for at least three flavor variations, to make your own, recognizable product. Also, be prepared to spare some of your e-liquid for testing and spreading. 

When it comes to equipment, aside from having everything needed to make liquid, you’ll also need empty bottles, 1 mL and 5mL syringes, measuring beakers, and milligram digital scales. It would also be preferable to get an ultrasound machine for faster steeping.

Develop a range of flavor profiles

Many people that start the e-cigs business make the same mistake in failing to create unique flavor profiles but rather simply copy popular products. Your business depends on your DIY juice, and the reason is quite simple. 

Vaping is currently trending high, with wholesale prices being incredibly low. Since your own e-liquids will be of a similar price, vapers will tend to go with the e-liquid they already know and trust, instead of picking yours. 

That’s why having unique recipes of your own is paramount to make your products stand out. Do some research on your competition, see what they’re offering, and try to follow in their footsteps but add a twist of your own, and make your product competitive and unique.

Make sure you get the best e-liquid and e-cigs brands

Now we come to the most important part. You can go DIY on liquids, but if you are opening a store we recommend that you include the best selling e-liquid brands in your business plans. If you really want to run a successful e-cigs business, you’ll also need to research hardware and find the best vapes currently available. 

It will help you market and promote your business easier. The high quality of the products is the best social proof of how competitive your newly established business really is. 

It’s important to mention here that you’ll have to pay special attention to upcoming regulation when it comes to e-cigs and e-liquid brands. Make sure you meet the requirements of the FDA.

The reason to include these popular brands is quite simple – they will help you attract avid vapers as well as first-timers. 

One of the best ways to ensure success is to include both DIY and popular products in your offer. It should give you a chance to reach wider audiences.

Promote your business on social media

Nothing helps you promote your business better than social media. There are entire social groups and communities online, of people who are into everything related to e-cigs and vaping.

Since Google and other search engines don’t allow paid options to advertise your e-cigs business, it’s crucial that you develop a decent following on social media. It will be the only way to actually do some promotion. 

Customers will become your very own ambassadors, recommending your products, ensuring that the word reaches the right pair of ears. 

In the e-cigs business, it’s all about being creative and finding the right timing. Do some research to see what your competition has been doing, but come up with a unique twist that will give your brand and your marketing strategy the boost they need.