Things to Consider When Buying a Bong for the First Time

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Did you know that over half of Americans have used marijuana at some point or another in their lives? And, out of these people, half of these have become chronic marijuana users.

Well, America is not alone. Smoking marijuana has become common nowadays all over the world. What’s even more is that the trend is only gaining traction in the time to come. Along with this increased usage, there is a vast explosion of numerous instruments that swear to enhance the smoking experience to unexceptional levels. There are several apparatus- from pipes to bowls to bongs. And, the best part is all these accessories come with their advantages.

Now that you’re looking for an apparatus for yourself and are more inclined towards using bongs, reading on will make your buying process pretty easy. Yes, these factors will make your choice even more accessible. So, it is time to read on? Hell yes, let’s get going:

  • Bong Cost:

One of the most critical factors that influence any purchase is cost. Thereby, before paving a path to the market, always set a realistic budget that you need to stick through while choosing the product.

Know that bongs get expensive depending on their material and the piece quality.

  • Bong Material:

In continuation to the previous point, the material makes the pivotal point when determining the price. For instance, acrylic, plastic, or ceramic designed- bongs are cheaper than glass bongs. However, choosing those will let you sacrifice their beauty as well as lifespan.

Cannabis enthusiasts are all pro for a glass bong since it is attractive and easy to clean. Also, this material apparatus lasts longer than its cheaper alternatives.

  • Bong Percolation:

If you’re a newbie, percolation may sound a little intimidating, but it is pretty simple.

Percolation is a process that filters the smoke as it moves through the water. For instance, in a fab egg, the airflow directs the hit through the centre, passing through the unique circle of percs. On the other hand, Green hulk has a design that enables smoke to pass through a straight tube. There are different types of percolators also that include propeller, tree, and showerhead perc.

Know that each version filters smoke differently, and you’ll get variations depending on the type of bong you use.

  • Bong Size:

Size is another vital factor to consider. If you’re a pro-consumer and smoker, always choose a tall bong with a large smoke chamber.

However, it is always better to go with a modest size if you’re new to bongs. It is because you’ll be able to enjoy a less potent smoke.

  • Bong Quality:

An old saying goes as “You get what you pay for”, which is true in many facets of life. And, bong purchases run no farther. It is because you’ll get shoddy results if you buy a cheap bong at the end of the day.

It may seem pretty exciting to buy a new apparatus or start a new hobby. But, it is always wise to wait for some time to invest in a quality bong.

The Verdict- It’s All About You in the End

Buying a bong- whether it’s your very first or next of the diverse collection- is all about your personal preference, budget, taste, and other factors in the long run.

Thereby, take time to research your bit and be patient in discovering an ideal pipe for yourself.

Happy Shopping!