Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vaporizer

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As things stand, traditional marijuana smoking is likely to soon be a thing of the past. One of the reasons for this is the growing popularity of vaporizers, which offer a better experience that’s complemented with style and convenience. Experts have determined that vaping is safer than smoking, so some serious consideration is in order especially if you’re consuming marijuana for medical reasons.

Buying a vaporizer may be overwhelming, with a large number of options and varieties available. If you need help choosing your device, you can check some of the biggest online retailers of consumption accessories. Daily High Club stock a range of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, and accessories that will enhance your cannabis experience.

To make the right choice, it is important to know what key features are more suited to your needs, and we’re going to give you a few tips to help you along the way.

Know your priorities

The smaller size of vaporizers makes them a convenient option because they are portable and can be handheld. Vape pens are a common option for those that want to vape on the go, offering discretion and much less smoke, and a key element to consider is good quality batteries. You also have the option of a desktop vaporizer that offers the convenience of a vape in the comfort of your home.

The general consensus is that a desktop vaporizer produces a better quality vape than its portable counterpart. Remember that it is unlikely that a single vaporizer will have all the pros that you need. There are 3 main options to consider when purchasing a vaporizer:

  • Dry herb vaporizer – these only use dry herbs
  • Wax and oils
  • Combinations

Controlling the temperature

Most high-quality vaporizers come with a temperature control function, and others have a standard temperature setting. Purchasing a vaporizer with digital temperature control is highly recommended since the perfect temperature will partly depend on your usage.

It is also important to remember that herbs tend to have different burning thresholds, and if you’re using a herbal vaporizer, having an understanding of this threshold will add quality to your vape. Ideally, you’d want to keep your temperature low, but rumor has it that this is both rare and super expensive.

Avoid Teflon

It is no secret that Teflon can be toxic. As Teflon heats, its coating breaks down and releases toxic fumes. This in turn causes polymer fume fever, flu-like symptoms that are thankfully temporary. However, this is vaping, and we doubt that you’ll invest in a vaporizer for one vape only. And because Teflon eventually melts in vaporizers, we urge you to stay away from any made with Teflon.

Maintenance requires patience

Dry herb vaporizers require the least amount of maintenance, with your aim being to ensure the cleanliness of the mouthpiece screen filters. The same cannot be said for wax and oil or combination vaporizers. Some coils and filters will need to be cleaned and replaced, heating chambers that must be polished, and air pathways that need to be cleaned.

There are a few models that come with some good adjustments to prevent build-up and clogs, but the general rule is simple. Maintenance takes patience, but don’t let the thought stop you from investing in a good quality vaporizer.

Do you have the budget?

Price is one of the first things people look at with any purchase. The great news is that there is always something for everyone. Entry-level portable vapes are available for those with a low budget, but these will not have many of the features that high-end vapes do.

Those with approximately $350 to spend will be able to get their hands on a desktop vaporizer and accessories to start your vaping experience. And of course, premium vapers can get whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Making the change from traditional smoking methods to vaping has its benefits in health, smell, quality, and just pure aesthetics. Once you understand your need, there’s still the major decision regarding size, functionality, and appearance. And then of course comes the penultimate question.

Do you settle for a vaporizer that simply does what it should, or do you go the full mile and invest in the best? While we cannot make these decisions for you, we hope that we’ve given you a little extra to consider for your future purchase.