Tips for Vaping Enthusiast to Clear the Drug Test

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Drugs can be of various types, and a variety of test procedures also remain available in the market to detect elements of drugs in one’s body. As far as the regular drug tests are concerned, the four types are particularly popular. The blood test, urine test, hair test, and saliva test are the four primary varieties of tests done by the medical agencies to check if you have any traces of drugs in your body or not. Be it the urine, the clear test, or any other, if you wish to get a negative result, here are some of the useful tips for you. 

Saliva test

The saliva test was not a popular choice. But with time, this one has emerged as one of the most commonly done tests to determine the level of drugs in the human body. Since this one is a less intrusive method, more people are becoming interested in it.

Blood Test

Blood is tested to detect cannabis and the THC metabolites. The blood test has been a popular choice to detect drugs in the bloodstream for ages.

Urine Test 

This one is probably the most popular choice when it comes to detecting drugs in one’s body. Urine is the one thing that reflects the presence of THC in the body most accurately. And the traces do not vanish shortly from urine. 

Hair Test

This one is also an unconventional method of a drug test for the human body, which is gaining importance day by day. 1.5 inch of hair can be a document enough to substantiate the amount of drug consumed by a person for the last 90 days. 

No matter what your mode of drug test is, if a negative result is on your mind, the following steps can be helpful for you. 

Detox Pill Consumption

If you have at least 10 days in your hand before the test, the consumption of Certo detox pills would be the best option. The Detox pills are considered the most effective in reducing THC’s level in the human body, but it takes 5 to 10 days in general to finalize its impact. Hence, the window of 10 days is important. The market offers a plethora of choices when it comes to detox pills. However, choose any from the branded options, and you will surely get a negative drug test result after 10 days. Even sample test kits are available with these detox pill kits. 

Detox Shampoo

If you are all set for a hair test, use a detox shampoo to make sure you erase off even the last traces of drug elements. If you are to wash your hair with a general shampoo, skip the idea because no general shampoo can ever wash off the residuals left by the THC metabolites. Hence, choose the best detox shampoo, and make sure you do not get a positive drug report. 

Synthetic Urine

For skipping the urine test, synthetic urine is the best way out. You just have to buy the suitable most synthetic urine and get it warmed right before the test so that it matches the general temperature of human urine. If you need to carry a bottled sample to the lab, put the synthetic urine inside the bottle, and give it for the test to get a clear report. 

Miscellaneous Measures

Apart from the above mentioned specialized measures, coffee, cranberry juice, water, vigorous physical activity, etc., are some of the ways to keep your body intoxicated. 

If you want your drug test report to be negative, make sure to adopt any of the measures mentioned above, keeping the variety of tests in mind, and the level of toxin in your body will get diminished.